Kid Creole and the Coconuts

17 Nov

1980's Dance MusicKid Creole (August Darnell) performs his hit “My Male Curiosity” live with the Coconuts in the first video. Andre 3000 must have taken a page out of August’s book – they look a lot alike, no? Who’s his daddy?

  • Fun facts (things we didn’t know until we started writing this post): Kid Creole has a Masters Degree in English. Kid Creole covered “If You Wanna Be Happy” but did not write it.Kid Creole is 61 years old as of this post. Wow.

This is a delightful little video. One curiosity, however … we’re surprised that the Coconuts didn’t shave their armpits. Seems a bit out of place even in 1984. Huh. Anyway, Kid’s a terrific dancer and this is a super fun song. It was included on the Against All Odds movie soundtrack.

The ensemble’s chroreography is so fresh. Combining so many different styles, The Coconuts are a joy to watch. Kid’s an exceptionally talented artist and his own dancing is over the moon. Golly this was a fun band and it would have been a blast to see them live in the day. Kid’s still performing and he’s working it out with new Coconuts so perhaps we’ll still have a chance to do so.

And just because the dancing and beats and personalities are in the same vein, here’s “A Love Bizarre” by Sheila E. and Prince. Sorry, no embed.

Sheesh. Prince is an ego, isn’t he? Thank goodness he’s so talented.

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    […] This one was easy. We created a post about Kid Creole and included a link to a Youtube video of one of our favorite Kid songs. We noted in our post that the Coconuts were sporting underarm hair. Why would somebody search for this, though? Fetishes are sometimes unexplainable , we suppose. Here’s the inspiration. […]

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