Kitty vs. Kittie

7 Apr

Who’s a pretty kitty, then?

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty JapanJust the facts: Japanese children’s character introduced in 1974 (and whose trinkets and tchotchkes were found EVERYWHERE in Bangkok when we lived there in the mid 1970s). Like Japanese Knotweed, Hello Kitty invaded our shores not long after her introduction and has crept around making a nuisance of herself. Alright, to be fair, we have kind of a soft spot for her, probably due to the fact that we had a bunch of her paraphenalia as kids and it reminds us of four wonderful years in Thailand. We miss thee oh heavenly kingdom!

Kittie (Alternative Metal Band)
Female Heavy Metal artistsJust the facts: Formed in 1996 in Canada by a group of teenage girls that began a lifelong trek into anger after being cut from a gymnastics team. Most of the parents of the members were part of a folk-singing troupe that encouraged their children’s musical talents although in later years several have come to regret spanking them as toddlers.

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    […] Balrogs, or Newts, it’s a pathetic anthem to misogyny. What the hell? Maybe we’ll send Kittie over to kick your ass, David […]

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