Why, oh why?!

30 May

Van GoghThis started out as a draft for something or other. All we wrote was the title and we were supposed to come back to it later. We have no idea what it was about. Soooo, why, oh why?!  Since we’ve been doing a lot of polls recently, we’ll pose the question to you, oh dear reader. Write in your response to Why, oh why?! Yes, yes, most of you are too chicken to reply, but overcome your fears for a moment. No, we don’t have the ability to track your IP or get your email address or your credit card number or the websites you visit when you … well, when you shouldn’t. So, take a mo’. We’ll start you off…


Well, we might as well add a multimedia experience. Here’s Woody Guthrie’s “Why, oh Why.”  We don’t think he’s taking the question very seriously.


One Response to “Why, oh why?!”


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