Sexy Cosplay – Comic-Con 2012

22 Jul

The other cosplay post has been really popular so we were going to put up even more. Given that the posts on sexy stuff get high traffic, we pulled out the pictures that we think you’ll enjoy the most. Sorry, nothing really nasty here. Not our thing.

Some of the ones that make us chuckle: Catwoman, Wonder Woman and … Big Bird; the plethora of Princess Leias in slave costumes (there is a minimum quota of 24 of them required at every convention otherwise the organizers shut the building down); same goes for Catwomen and Harley Quinns; the girl in the I Dream of Jeannie costume is simply adorable; and the vampy ones that put the scary in sexy.

Anyway, enjoy or something. Once again, sorry about the image quality.


4 Responses to “Sexy Cosplay – Comic-Con 2012”

  1. Crass Sophisticate July 22, 2012 at 10:31 pm #



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