Johnny Nemo shoots you and it’s lights out

Cover to The Complete Johnny Nemo, Titan, 2014
One of my favorite comics from the 1980s was Johnny Nemo by the British duo Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins. Unfortunately, Johnny only appeared in a handful of issues. I picked up the ones published in the United States by Eclipse Comics, (short episodes in Strange Days and the solo three-issue series, Johnny Nemo Magazine). The stories were republished in black & white with some new material a few years later in the British anthology mag, Deadline. All of it was compiled in The Complete Johnny Nemo by Titan in 2014.

Johnny Nemo shooting cops

So, here’s the story. It’s 2921, New London is a futuristic canker of a hellhole where religious nuts clash with debaucherous denizens of this fabulously stylish but filthy dystopian future. Enter Johnny Nemo, a hitman for hire who lives the hard life because he can easily replace damaged organs anytime he likes and because #@%! you.  Johnny moves along with an air of Dirty Harry but along the way, he discovers that his assignments aren’t quite what they seem. And the violent mystery-solving is afoot.

Sure, there are other detectives-of-the-future, violent-but-funny books out there (one of my favorites being the sadly very short-lived Kelvin Mace), but Milligan and Ewins have a certain panache that makes Johnny Nemo particularly enjoyable.

Johnny Nemo Magazine #1 Johnny Nemo Magazine #2 Johnny Nemo Magazine #3
Johnny Nemo interior art #1    Johnny Nemo interior art #2
Johnny Nemo black & white story #2  Johnny Nemo black & white story #1
And here’s your bonus: A Johnny Nemo gif.
Animated gif of Johhny Nemo shooting

Psychedelic Animated Images

Since I did a bunch of images for the Black Widow posts that used a variety of psychedelic effects, I might as well post those that didn’t make the cut or that just ended up somewhere else. These thumbnails all link to animated gifs.

The backgrounds are mostly from various places on the Internet. I tried to use art that wasn’t credited to anyone, but if you own any of pieces I used and either want credit or to have them removed, let me know.

Psychedelic art is can be a kind of throw-back in comic book form. Just like other pop media, psychedelic elements were used to give the comic artwork a then-modern appearance. I really enjoy it and may end up doing a post on the topic sometime in the future.


Animated Spinning Circles

Animated Shimmering Abstract Art

Animated Psychedelic Heart







Animated Man Falling into Psychedelic Vortex

Animated Psychedelic Dancer

Animated Go Go Dancing

Clowning around

The number 500,000Well, it looks like this useless blog is going to run over another milestone. According to WordPress, sometime in the next few days, will have achieved 500,000 views. It’s not that it will mean much, but it’s proof that the Internet is the tool of some malignant force that sucks unsuspecting users into the black hole of meaningless content. But, I digress.

Clowns are evilSo, to celebrate the buffoonery, what better way to acknowledge the horror of time wasted than to give it a scary, silly celebratory party? Why, with clowns, of course! Because clowns are all the rage when you need something to remind you that childhood traumas can resurface and cause the heart to jump up into one’s throat from time to time. And if that isn’t a reason to throw a party, I don’t know what is.

I really actually don’t fear clowns, but they do make me very uncomfortable. What kind of madness is it to put on the garb and make-up of a zany imp whose unpredictable behavior could elicit joy and laughter at one moment and sheer terror or sadness the next? I suppose my zest for patented deep research should be driven up several notches given the pending, momentous landmark, but, nah … remember, this blog is full of lazy what-not and I just don’t feel like it. So, instead, I give you clown pictures. Enjoy.

Clown looking over city

Clown in the backseat of a car

What are clowns afraid of?


Mark fun not war

Make pie, not war!

 UPDATE! I just realized that this is also the 500th post. Man, now I’m feeling like this episode was a big let down. I should have done more like when I did the 25,000 Milestone Post thing. Um, well, here’s a bonus picture and whatever.

The number 500

Black images from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Title Sequence

Thumbnail poster for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)These are images from the fantastic title sequence from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011). The dark images set the tone for a gruesome film indeed.

As for the film itself, it’s not as good as the original Swedish interpretation of Stieg Larsson’s crime novel mostly because Noomi Rapace is brilliant and it just doesn’t feel as genuine in English as it does in Swedish. Nonetheless, it works because the story is so intense and the acting by Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig is believable.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Faces from Title Sequence

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Eye from Title Sequence

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Fist from Title Sequence

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Dragon from Title Sequence