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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Cosplayers

4 Aug

Been a while since my last post.  But, I just got from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and had a bunch of pictures, so I figure I might as well put them out here, starting with a gallery of cosplayers.

For those of you unfamiliar with cosplay, it’s the creation and wearing of costumes that represent popular culture figures primarily out of Japanese anime and American superhero genres. But it doesn’t have to stop there. A lot of costumes reflect characters from around the world in comics, TV, movies, and other. In fact, there’s no limiting the type of costumes cosplayers create other than one’s imagination.

The San Diego Comic-Con has hundreds of attendees that show up in a wide variety of costumes. These cosplayers range from showcasing common popular costumes (such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Star Wars stormtroopers) to self-created costumes. My favorites are the humorous ones, particularly the “mash-ups” (i.e., the combination of characters to create a unique and funny new character, such as Zombie Slave Leia).

Most cosplayers make their own costumes. Some are exceptionally talented both artistically and technically. Comic-Con holds a masquerade every year where cosplayers are able to showcase their creations for prizes. The Masquerade itself is pretty awkward since the cosplayers often act out skits related to their characters. The skits are usually clunky and unnecessary, unfortunately. But the better costumes are incredible and it’s nice to see the creators get a chance to show them off.

Anyway, if you get a chance to go to a comic convention or similar pop culture event, watch for the cosplayers. Some of the best cosplayers are walking down the aisles posing periodically for admiring fans.



Pinterest Posts

26 Oct

I’ve gotten lazy. I have so many pictures that I want to add to my site, but I haven’t been enjoying writing anything lately. So, I’ve been posting most of them to Pinterest instead. I now have well over 2,000 images on Pinterest including a few hundred I’ve re-pinned from other Pinterest users. Here’s a breakdown:

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Monsters University Movie Review

28 Sep

Monsters University Logo

Guest Review of Man of Steel by Jason F. SmithHere’s another review from Jason F. Smith. Tremendous apologies to writer and readers alike. I had this sitting in my email and I just kept forgetting to sit down and add it.  If you’re thinking of renting or purchasing the movie, hear what Jason has to say about it.  Since there’s a possibility that a youngster or discriminating parent may read this review, I’ve taken the liberty to water down some of Jason’s more colorful language.

It’s been a heck week here and yesterday at about 3:25 I had had enough. I told my son Riley to get up and we were going to the movie. In Heber, we had Man of Steel and Monsters University as choices, and I hated Man of Steel. At 3:40 we arrived to the 3:30 showing of Monsters University, handily skipping all the previews, and sat down.

Let me just say: Perfect Movie.

  • The animation is incredible. It just gets better and better in terms of quality of looking real.
  • The animation of the monsters and the campus was also absolutely incredible, the feel of a college campus was evoked while at the same time each frame was chock full of details and bits and hidden little jokes.
  • The two main voice actors, Billy Crystal and John Goodman are absolutely perfect.
  • The story… perfect. Not a single itch. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Never once do you go… what the …? NEVER ONCE.
  • The characters, motivations, are intricate, yet simple, and believable. There were genuine moments of emotional honestly, and my heart filled with emotion more than once.

And… the writing was always ‘fresh’, clever, and funny. This can’t be understated: The story itself surprises you, and yet it doesn’t. It delivers what you expect, but in a surprising way, without having to be hokey and irritating. That is a skill lost in Hollywood. The desire to ‘surprise’ you like in that hokeyTom Cruise movie Oblivion led them to the stupidest decisions. Pixar has no need to do that. They surprise you within the story, yet fulfill your expectations. No need to make you gasp. Instead… you just smile and nod your head.

If I had one word describing this storytelling? Graceful. It’s gracefully done.

And finally, seeing it with my 17 year old son was a trip, because as a child he LOVED Monsters Incorporated, it was one of those DVDs that he watched over and over again at home. Now grown up to watch it from a more adult angle, he really enjoyed it, and the time we spent together. It was cathartic magic.

Am I blowing this movie up out of proportion? Probably. But man it hit the spot.


Monsters University - Mike and Sulley

The 100 Best Movie Sex Scenes

15 Sep

… are not in this post.


100 Best Movie Sex Scenes Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

15 Sep

I didn’t realize it until today but my blog is now just over two years old. I submitted my first post on September 3rd, 2011.

Comics A-Go-Go! websiteThe blog has evolved from its original purpose. I started it to sell and trade comics, cards, and other pop culture memorabilia. I even set up pages with some of the items I had. The “A Go-Go!” theme was based on a very loose interest in the kitschy pop culture theme from the 1950s and 1960s. I have no idea why. It must have been because I was listening to Esquivel during the time of conception and fancied an image of a bachelor pad with go-go girls partying on a patio. Sounds good enough.

Anyway, after a while I realized I didn’t have the time to dedicate to the venture. In order to make an über-cool website, I not only needed a ton of fresh and current content, but also superior web design skills. Plus, I very quickly realized I was starting to diverge from comic books and writing posts about music, movies, politics, and any other thing that happened to be on my mind at the time.

So why keep it going? Well, two reasons. First, it’s cathartic. I enjoy writing, even if I do it lazily. I also love images, especially funny ones (funny to me, anyway). Esoteric or large versions of things like comic book covers or San Diego Comic-Con swag are also a passion because I hate not finding a good picture of something obscure so I figure others probably feel the same way.

Power Girl getting her breasts grabbed

This is the type of sophomoric humor you will find here.

Nancy Reagan satire

Why limit the fun to comic books? I like a dash of political humor too. Here I make fun of Nancy Reagan who I am convinced enjoyed some “Mother’s Little Helpers” to keep her girlish figure. I can’t prove it, but you can’t disprove it either.

Second, the blog has been more popular than I thought it would be. I’m approaching 200,000 page views which may be peanuts compared to other websites, but it’s a lot more than I ever thought would have. Google has given me a lot of love, mostly because I’ve added thousands of pictures and included content on things that are hard to find on the Internet such as covers of 1980s independent comics. I love seeing who visits me from where, so I take a look at the site stats frequently.

PBS Mini Series: The Punisher

See? This is why my blog is so important. This is a picture of the extremely rare poster for the short-lived Punisher mini-series on PBS. The pilot won a Parents Choice Gold Award and it was cancelled right after that.

Bellechere, She-Hulk Cosplayer

This is the primary reason you’re here, right? Sexy cosplay blows the roof off my page view rankings.

One of the funniest things I’ve discovered is that whenever I post a sexually-oriented entry, my stats spike. I created a post of sexy cosplayers from the San Diego Comic-Con this year and it has generated thousands of page views all by itself. I figure if I want to start getting a lot more than my current average of 400 page views per day, I should create a “Biggest Tits of the Day” gallery or a “Nude Comic Book Femme Fatales” running feature. While that sounds like fun, I’m trying to keep the blog to a PG-13 level and there are plenty of other things to write about (having said that, my stats have taken a dive in the last week, so my next post will be about something titillating).

Thanks for the visits. Hope you enjoy your time. Feel free to link, leave comments (positive or negative, I don’t care), and take copies of my images. I would love to be given credit if you post my content elsewhere, but I obviously can’t enforce that.

So, as Stan Lee says: “Excelsior!”

Young Stan Lee, comic book icon

What’s the deal with the private and his privates in the upper right corner?


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