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Nikita Series Finale – Nikita Comes in From the Cold

28 Dec

Nikita, CW TV series

Nikita, the CW mini-series, just ended after three full seasons and a truncated six episode fourth. The series was based on the original idea and loosely based on the character created by Luc Besson for the 1991 film, La Femme Nikita.

Nikita Cast for the Series Finale

Story recap: Nikita is one of several hundred young criminals that are pulled out of the legal system and given a new shot at life in a highly regulated, ultra secret government agency called “Division”. The criminals-turned-agents are trained and used for wetworks (assassinations), extra-territorial extraditions, illegal spying, and essentialy anytype of activity that technically runs contrary to U.S. laws that protect its citizens and respects the sovereignty of other countries.

Nikita is one of the best agents but develops a conflicted perspective of her work. After too many missions where her morality cannot abide the orders she is given, she decides to go rogue. This essentially gives her a death sentence and Division’s leader, Percy, sics Michael (his head of operations) on her at every chance possible. Michael too has his own conflict because he has feelings for Nikita. He is also a man of principle and some of Percy’s dealings, particularly his for-gain side projects, run against Michael’s better sensibilities. Nikita, now on the outside, makes it her mission to bring down Division and expose the operations it has been involved in. She enlists the help of Alex, a drug-addled girl not unlike her previous self by getting her clean and trained to infiltrate Division. In doing so, Nikita has access to the operations from the inside.

Maggie Q as Nikita, from the CW TV series

Two other characters stick with us from the beginning: Amanda (Division’s  master manipulator) and Birkhoff (Division’s computer whiz). Both play very important roles that grow over the series. A small group of additional characters rounds out the show and adds some dimension and complexity that is much appreciated.

Percy and Amanda, Villains in Nikita

There are several things about the series I really like:

1. Maggie Q is a surprisingly credible actor physically. I normally scoff at the use of a lithe female actor for a heavy hitting role, but Maggie convinces me that she can outmaneuver and outgun her much bigger opponents (although I still will never believe that a 120 pound woman can punch a 250 pound man in the face and knock him out without shattering her wrist). Maggie is also essentially … hot. The series wouldn’t have gotten off the ground if a butchy veteran of the MMA had been cast in her place (although Gina Carano might have been interesting).

Nikita and Alex, Femme Fatales

2. The characters and the chemistry between them is solid. Alex, the former drug addict, starts as Nikita’s disciple but evolves into a very independently strong woman. Michael and Nikita do get to develop their relationship and appealing to watch. Seymour Birkhoff fills the necessary role of tech-geek but does so with occasional twists (who knew nerds could fight) that reward. Percy is brilliant as the amoral and shrewd villain. Amanda is a hair-raising sadist that proves to be even more cunning than Percy.

Nikita, Michael

3. One of the reasons I love spy thrillers are the location shots. Nikita takes us around the world (maybe not literally, but the sets (mostly based in Canada) are believable). This feels like a slick, high-priced series as it should.

4. The plot carries complex sub-stories and a decent forward movement of the primary story throughout the series. I’m actually kind of glad the series ended when it did. It could have lasted through the end of the fourth season and the writers could probably have come up with a justification for a fifth, but after a while, I think the loyal viewership would have said “ok, get on with it!”

Division, HQ in Nikita

5. The story’s presentation of black ops is so outrageous it actually makes it more interesting. I’ll bet conspiracy theorists point at their screens every week and say “See? I told you so!”

Scene with Nikita and a row of guns

Lots of guns!

Nikita, Owen/Sam

Lots of action!

As for the season finale, it starts out going from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds and runs over 200 mph throughout the show shooting past all of the rest stops. It most certainly felt rushed. But, you have to remember that the writers were given short notice to wrap up the series after it was announced that the show was cancelled. I’m actually very grateful to the CW for allowing the series to have an ending. Brilliant finales are rare (Breaking Bad was one of the few that I think nailed it), but I actually felt like this one worked out as it should. Nikita achieves her primary objective. There is a bittersweet victory, not a tidy one. And, the villains get their come-uppance in a satisfying way.

In all, I really enjoyed Nikita and am hoping another quality spy thriller won’t be too far around the corner to fill the void.  For your information: the first three seasons are available on Netflix and you can watch the last season on

Pinterest Posts

26 Oct

I’ve gotten lazy. I have so many pictures that I want to add to my site, but I haven’t been enjoying writing anything lately. So, I’ve been posting most of them to Pinterest instead. I now have well over 2,000 images on Pinterest including a few hundred I’ve re-pinned from other Pinterest users. Here’s a breakdown:

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Breaking Bad is Over and I Want a New Drug

30 Sep

Breaking Bad Felina

Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

The body is still warm and I’m already moving on. Five incredible seasons of Breaking Bad ended tonight leaving me with a nasty case of the shakes, and I haven’t even come down off my high yet for crying out loud.

Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman

The problem with a really good television show is that it can suck a person into a hardcore habit. I rarely watch TV because I just don’t have the drive to commit to a program. But when a show like Breaking Bad comes along, I get hooked. Then, I fear the end of the series because I know I’ll miss the exhilarating rush that comes with looking forward to and enjoying each new episode. Hell, I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow, but if Breaking Bad were still on, I could tell you what I would be doing next Sunday evening.

I’m not going to get into the show, its history, its virtues, its brilliance in writing and acting, or its impact on television. You can shop that plenty of other places. I’m just giving you a moment to go through withdrawals with me and to wonder how and when we’ll get our next fix. Shit, maybe we all need help.

Nah. Take it away, Amy Winehouse!

“They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, ‘No, no, no.’ …”

Comics A-Go-Go on Breaking Bad Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

15 Sep

I didn’t realize it until today but my blog is now just over two years old. I submitted my first post on September 3rd, 2011.

Comics A-Go-Go! websiteThe blog has evolved from its original purpose. I started it to sell and trade comics, cards, and other pop culture memorabilia. I even set up pages with some of the items I had. The “A Go-Go!” theme was based on a very loose interest in the kitschy pop culture theme from the 1950s and 1960s. I have no idea why. It must have been because I was listening to Esquivel during the time of conception and fancied an image of a bachelor pad with go-go girls partying on a patio. Sounds good enough.

Anyway, after a while I realized I didn’t have the time to dedicate to the venture. In order to make an über-cool website, I not only needed a ton of fresh and current content, but also superior web design skills. Plus, I very quickly realized I was starting to diverge from comic books and writing posts about music, movies, politics, and any other thing that happened to be on my mind at the time.

So why keep it going? Well, two reasons. First, it’s cathartic. I enjoy writing, even if I do it lazily. I also love images, especially funny ones (funny to me, anyway). Esoteric or large versions of things like comic book covers or San Diego Comic-Con swag are also a passion because I hate not finding a good picture of something obscure so I figure others probably feel the same way.

Power Girl getting her breasts grabbed

This is the type of sophomoric humor you will find here.

Nancy Reagan satire

Why limit the fun to comic books? I like a dash of political humor too. Here I make fun of Nancy Reagan who I am convinced enjoyed some “Mother’s Little Helpers” to keep her girlish figure. I can’t prove it, but you can’t disprove it either.

Second, the blog has been more popular than I thought it would be. I’m approaching 200,000 page views which may be peanuts compared to other websites, but it’s a lot more than I ever thought would have. Google has given me a lot of love, mostly because I’ve added thousands of pictures and included content on things that are hard to find on the Internet such as covers of 1980s independent comics. I love seeing who visits me from where, so I take a look at the site stats frequently.

PBS Mini Series: The Punisher

See? This is why my blog is so important. This is a picture of the extremely rare poster for the short-lived Punisher mini-series on PBS. The pilot won a Parents Choice Gold Award and it was cancelled right after that.

Bellechere, She-Hulk Cosplayer

This is the primary reason you’re here, right? Sexy cosplay blows the roof off my page view rankings.

One of the funniest things I’ve discovered is that whenever I post a sexually-oriented entry, my stats spike. I created a post of sexy cosplayers from the San Diego Comic-Con this year and it has generated thousands of page views all by itself. I figure if I want to start getting a lot more than my current average of 400 page views per day, I should create a “Biggest Tits of the Day” gallery or a “Nude Comic Book Femme Fatales” running feature. While that sounds like fun, I’m trying to keep the blog to a PG-13 level and there are plenty of other things to write about (having said that, my stats have taken a dive in the last week, so my next post will be about something titillating).

Thanks for the visits. Hope you enjoy your time. Feel free to link, leave comments (positive or negative, I don’t care), and take copies of my images. I would love to be given credit if you post my content elsewhere, but I obviously can’t enforce that.

So, as Stan Lee says: “Excelsior!”

Young Stan Lee, comic book icon

What’s the deal with the private and his privates in the upper right corner?

Cosplay at the Salt Lake Comic-Con

10 Sep

I didn’t get too many pictures at the Salt Lake Comic-Con since I was only there one day. Still, here are the ones I got. There were some super-creative costumes. My two favorites (of those that I shot) are the AT-ST “chicken walker” and the Star Wars Bounty Hunters (the Jar-Jar Binks head gave me particular satisfaction).

Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay at Salt Lake Comic-Con Star Wars Bounty Hunter at Salt Lake Comic-Con

Other highlights: 

The lady playing Grace from Avatar took advantage of her height to pull it off. She was in the middle of a crowd when I asked to take her picture and as I stood back to get the full shot, I realized she wasn’t all stilts like I thought. She was 6’4″.  The Chewbacca dude was a monster as well. He was probably around 7′ tall.

The Flaming Carrot cosplayer was funny and got the stance down. Mary Poppins was cute as can be. Lego Batman gave me a good laugh.  The Evil Dead: The Musical couple got photobombed. And, well, see for yourself.

Cosplayers at the Salt Lake City Comic-Con 2013


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