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Utah Lego Users Group at Salt Lake Comic-Con

12 Sep

Salt Lake Comic-Con, Lego Users Group

One of the most impressive displays at the Salt Lake Comic-Con was the Utah Lego User’s Group massive tabletop scenes from various movies. The entire thing was fantastic. There were scenes fashioned after The Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz, Jurassic Park, trains, and more.


Utah Lego Users Group at Salt Lake Comic-Con

Dredd Movie Shots

1 Sep

Dredd Movie Title Poster

Netflix added Dredd (2012) yesteday, so I finally decided it was time to see it. I wanted to watch it in the theaters but I’m lazy and cheap. I wanted to rent it from Redbox but I’m lazy and I guess even more cheap than I thought. Anyway, whatever. It done been seen, son.

How did I like it? I actually really liked it. I hadn’t read up on it, so I didn’t know what to expect. Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy on Star Trek) plays Dredd and handles himself quite well right up to the credible Dredd scowl. I liked Olivia Thurbey as Judge Anderson. She wasn’t a waif or some over-wrought tough girl. She just did her part in playing a character I could believe in. Another one of my favorite scowlers, Lena Headey, convincingly played the nutty antagonist  as well.

I was surprised that almost the entire movie was held in a single massive building. I like my action films to mix it up with lots of different locations (i.e., Bond and Bourne), but Dredd kept it close to the vest and pulled it off neatly. The progression of the film was well-paced and the script stayed away from unnecessary complications. There are no major plot twists and the ending was exactly the way it should have been without the annoying sentimentality that pervades so many action movies. Who the hell needs a bunch of platitudes, unspoken endearment, and good-natured Happy Hour ribbing at a bar?

Plot summary: The film is set about a century from now, I think, although I don’t understand why people are driving vehicles from the 1980s to now. Surely there would have been at least different looking cars in the future especially since Volkswagen buses most surely can’t run for over 100 years. Anyway, the world has gone to shit and most of the population in the United States is now located in massive pollution and crime-choked cities. Huge buildings have been constructed to house entire communities. Unemployment and social discontent is pervasive. To manage law and order as best as possible, “judges” work the streets as sanctioned police, judge, jury, and execution authorities.

The main protagonist of the story is Judge Dredd, a bad-ass dude with a reputation to be respected. He has just been assigned a rookie named Anderson who is a powerful mutant psychic but who failed out of the judge academy. Because of her psychic powers, the chief wants to give her a shot at proving herself on the streets. Dredd is tasked with mentoring her to see if she can pass muster.

While out on patrol, Dredd and Anderson respond to a report of a triple-murder at the Peachtree complex, a monolithic 200-story building that houses 75,000 residents, most of whom are unemployed. Dredd and Anderson discover that the murders are tied to a new drug called Slow-Mo. The drug’s users experience a unique sensation of time slowing down to 1% of normal speed. The special 3-D technology that showed what that experience looked like was incredible. That alone was worth watching.

The criminal activity in the building is run by Ma-Ma, a scar-faced former prostitute with ambition and a psychotic temperament. She exudes a calm exterior but that only makes her more frightening when she passes her own judgment on enemies and followers alike. Ma-Ma gives the order to shut down the building when the judges discover one of the primary perpetrators for the murders, a close acolyte of Ma-Ma’s named Kay. Fearing that his interrogation could yield information on Ma-Ma’s criminal network, she announces to the entire building that the judges are not to leave alive. So begins the cat-and-mouse game that runs most of the rest of the movie.

This is a furiously violent film. Lots of bodies explode and lots of people die. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re a fan of the comics, I’d say this is one adaptation that’s worthy of carrying the name. Sure, films are always different than comics, but this film was actually as good as the source material, albeit differently. John Wagner, co-creator of Judge Dredd, gave it his blessing.

Gaze into the Fist of Dredd comic

4.167 out of 5 stars

Here is a bunch of screen shots.

mega city buildings judge dredd on motorcycle motorcycle
headshot ma ma slow mo falling bodies
ma ma scarred face slow mo fighting slow mo face shot
slow mo face shot slow mo face shot slow mo helmet
slow mo bullet judge anderson judge dredd clan techie eye
shooting gatling gun judge dredd explosion ma ma shooting gatling gun
kay pissing himself judges execution of ma ma
ma ma falling anderson and dredd dredd and anderson
judge dredd closing credits mega city ending

Holy Havana! Cuba visits Comics A-Go-Go!

20 Aug

My regular visitors know that I love stats because I talk about it a lot. I pay attention to the page views and visitors I get. I pay attention to box office ticket sales. I “watch” basketball games by churning through rebounds, assists, points, blocks, minutes, games-without-injuries, and headbutts. I like survey results. I enjoy looking at sales trends at work. And the funny thing is I suck at math, so I don’t get where the infatuation with numbers comes from.

Statistics from Comics A-Go-Go!

One of the stats I love watching is the number of countries (and regions, territories, protectorates, etc.) that visit my blog. As of today, I’ve had visitors from 185 of the 241 entities identified by Flag Counter. If you paid attention to your geography lessons in school, you’ll know that the term “country” is a very loose term because there are certain areas that can’t be defined as autonomous but that do have a level of international recognition as viable political/economic entities. It would take a wiki page to go through all of the various definitions and lists of those geographical areas, and since this is a blog of massively irresponsibility, we’ll just leave off and say that over 75% of the planet has sent a representative to check out what on Earth is going on at Comics A-Go-Go!

The one that surprised me yesterday was Cuba. I had no idea that Cuba was connected to the outer world. I figured the SDE (Cuban secret police) “discouraged” that sort of thing. But, in the end, the brilliance of this blog cannot be suppressed. So, Juan Miguel Sanchez Miller De la Cruz, thanks for the visit. Hope you enjoyed the sexy cosplayers. Sorry to hear about your sentencing.

Fidel Castro humor

Incidentally, Africa, I’m still waiting for a bunch of your guys to climb on board. I have had a handful of visitors from some of the missing African countries since my whiny post on the topic, but there are still several of you to go.

Now, if I ever get a visitor from North Korea, I will be terrified. I figure there is no way that anyone in that god-forsaken hellhole could access the real world, so if I get a click from there, I know it is because I am under secret investigation for making fun of the Kims.  Should a fateful event befall me, I have left specific instructions that Justin Kirk take over my website. It’s only right.

Flag of Cuba Humor

And just to be fair …

Cuba Geography, Humor

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic-Con Poster

18 Aug

Guardians of the Galaxy movie logo

I snagged a Guardians of the Galaxy mini-poster at the Marvel stage/booth during SDCC 2013. Sadly, it got a bit creased here and there during the scuffle. Damn greedy fan boys pushing me around to grab shit and making it hard for me to do my own pushing and grabbing.

The poster is an exclusive promo from the Comic-Con and shows concept art by somebody or something named “Wen” for the upcoming 2014 release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Anyway, it’s a slick one, so I scanned it and here you go. Yes, you can find the image elsewhere, but not as big as my scan. So suck it up and enjoy.

Guardians of the Galaxy SDCC Exclusive poster

Here’s the poster as a line-up in a really big image.

Guardians of the Galaxy character line-up

Blazing Guns for iCarly

17 Aug

It may have been cancelled but iCarly was one of the funniest tweener shows on TV. Sam was plenty amusing but Spencer was my favorite character. What a loon!

iCarly tribute humor


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