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More Sideshow Collectibles Sexy Marvel Women

2 Sep

OK, I’m going to chip away at my catalog of Comic-Con 2013 pictures with more from Sideshow Collectibles. Since I did a sexy DC girls post, let’s go with Marvel this time.  Here are Red Sonja, Black Widow, and Gwen Stacy. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with the Gwen Stacy photo? And no, it’s not the graininess. Sorry again for the crappy quality of my Comic-Con pictures. I need to take a real camera next year. My goal is to come home with 1,000 cosplayers (check out a post of over 400 from this year + an additional 150 sexy cosplay girls). I’m shooting for 2,500 pictures overall. Why? Because.

Red Sonja Statuette by Sideshow Collectibles Black Widow Statuette by Sideshow Collectibles Gwen Stacy Statuette by Sideshow Collectibles

And here’s your bonus. I was just going to put J. Scott Campbell’s version of Mary Jane Watson in with the other three but I had Spider-ham on my mind (but no, I don’t like ham, ew) and … well … it all got away from me and here’s an odd image I’m not sure why I created. Make it your desktop wallpaper and make your friends wonder the same as well.  Excelsior!

Mary Jane by J. Scott Campbell

Lena Headey as Natasha Romanova the Black Widow, perhaps?

16 Feb

We forgot to include this picture in our previous post on Lena Headey. Here’s a rare moment of levity. ‘Cuz she’s so buttoned down. Rock on, ya rebel!

Lena Headey, actress

You know, it occurs to us that Lena might make a good Black Widow. She has the face and sleak body for it.  She could pass for a cinematic Russian femme fatale — far more than Scarlett Johansson did, despite her Belarusian ancestry — not just because of her looks but because she exudes a sense of experience and world weariness that we think the Marvel character carries with her.

Well, what do you know? As we did a little reading while writing this post, we discovered that Lena already had a turn at the Black Widow wheel. Apparently, she voiced Natasha Romanova (or Natasha Romanoff if you prefer) in the goofball  Marvel TV series Super Hero Squad Show.  So, see?  We’re already part of the way there. Lena has the voice, she has the face, she has the body, she has the moves — she just needs the uniform and a bit of motivation.

Now, if we can just find a good Daredevil, we’ve got a story in the making …

Black Widow, Marvel Comics character

The Daredevil & Black Widow TV Series That Never Was

10 Sep
Natasha Romanoff

As the saying goes,
Святое дерьмо! это комикс го-го!

Back in the 1960s, Angie Bowie (then wife of David Bowie) approached Stan Lee to see if she could get the rights for one year to develop and air a Black Widow and Daredevil TV show. Ultimately, the program was never produced because it was too expensive and the special effects would have been to difficult to create.

Heroin ChicAngela Bowie (b. 1950) was married to David for 10 years. She met him through a man that both were dating. Yes, you read that right. Then, somehow in their drug-addled and tempestuous union, they managed to produce a son. The son survived and went on to direct Moon, one of our favorite recent movies, and Source Code which was fun enough. Next up for the boy (Duncan Jones)? An Ian Fleming biopic project. Worthy topic, good sir.

Und zo, what we’ve learned is that great art can come from heroin and cocaine. Since our art is pathetic (actually it doesn’t exist, but let’s not mince words), we are going to take up both those drugs as well as throw in a dash of meth to put a modern spin on the whole affair. We’ll let you know how it turns out. Assuming we live long enough to do so.

Zounds! It’s another Comics A-Go-Go! infographic! Here we explore the effects of drug use with Angela and David Bowie doing the honors. Just take it from ol’ Nancy Reagan .. “Dope ain’t dope, yo-yo!”

Heroin, Cocaine, Recreation Drugs

After David Bowie went sober, realized who he was living with, divorced her and left to make a bunch of boring music and the single most unnecessary song and video in all of pop music-dom (a song which proved to be a perfect match for the sad pairing of David and Mick Jagger … during which time the not-so hush-hush gossip in the press led to folks in the know dubbing Bowie and Jagger “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” — a designation that inspired the Dana Carvey Show/Saturday Night Live vignettes of the same name — and there’s the animation/comic book tie-in you were waiting for), [… where we we? oh yeah …] Angie got all bitter and stuff.

Comic Book Characters

News of Angela Bowie as Black Widow and Ben Carruthers as Daredevil for the  TV show concept.

Anyway. You know how we feel about miscasts. Angie was a heroin waif and look liked she could pull off all of the physical stuff needed to play Natasha Romanova, Russian cum-S.H.I.E.L.D spy/action figure extraordinaire as well (a.k.a. as poorly) as Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman could. That was a hell of a sentence. Keeping it simple: Angie Bowie wouldn’t be a good Black Widow. Having said that, with her wig and ever-so-cheery imitation-Russian facial expressions, she fit the era, we suppose. Paul Gulacy may have based his 1980s version of Black Widow on Angie’s screen tests (see pictures below). The decidedly non-Daredevil-esque looking dude in the promo shots is Ben Carruthers whom you may remember from such movies as Shadows (1959) and The Dirty Dozen (1967). What an awful costume. Hornhead indeed. Reminds us of a cartoonish-looking alien with antennas. As for the sullen expression, we have to wonder if EVERYONE was on some sort of narcotic in the 1970s.  That would explain the fashion, entertainment, and even the politics of the era. We’re grateful to have grown up in the Ecstasy era instead.

In theory, the show was supposed to springboard off the chemistry of the Daredevil/Black Widow team-up and romance that had started just a couple of years earlier in the comics. We have to admit that we are actually curious to know what the whole disaster would have looked like. But we would probably regret that curiousity. So, we’ll settle for Scarlett Johansson.

Angela Bowie and Ben Carruthers

Black Widow comic book character

Here’s a Black Widow story from the early 1980s. Paul Gulacy did the art and Ralph Macchio wrote the story. Humphrey Bogart guest stars. Click on the links at the bottom of each page at the Gulacy website to read the whole story. Don’t stray too far, though. We want you back.

Sexy Black Widow

Here are some additional Black Widow illustrations from Paul Gulacy’s portfolio.

Sexy Black Widow character

Black Widow Marvel character

Sexy comic book character

Comic book artist Paul Gulacy

Bowie Family

Other than a penchant for strange hair styles, Duncan Jones has turned out rather normal in spite of his parent’s own penchant for hard drugs and nefarious sexual escapades.

Where did we leave off?

Hulk Smash Loki!

7 May


If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet and you want a purely pristine viewing experience untainted by knowing what is coming except for maybe what you’ve seen in the trailers, then go read one of our other recent posts on the Avengers. If you aren’t bothered by snippets from the movie or you’ve already seen it, read and view on. There’s nothing really important here. Just one of the funniest things we’ve seen this movie season.

The Avengers

Captain America

Ha, ha! The Hulk just made a putter and it smells like Fig Newtons.

You know there’s going to be humor in a movie like The Avengers when it stars Robert Downey Jr. (perhaps recent cinema’s reigning smart-ass), Mark Ruffalo (understated and awkward in such an adorable, vulnerable way, huh?), Chris “Goldielocks” Hemsworth (just because no one can play Thor without some obligatory self-aggrandizing smugness), and Clark Gregg (who is physically incapable of NOT grinning). We expeted zero humor from Chris Evans (apparently, protecting America from its enemies is no laughing matter) but even he had zingers. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow scares us when she cracks a smile because we know there’s a good chance a great deal of pain is coming immediately after. Surprisingly, there was little humor from Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury. Ah well, he was preoccupied with saving the world from annihilation or what not, so one has to forgive him.

Black Widow Marvel Comic Book Character

Why so serious?

Anyway, we appreciate the moments of levity, especially when they temporarily scale back the 500 mph visual and auditory onslaught. The incredible CGI and 3-D effects of The Avengers is mind-boggling but, phew! … a girl needs a break now and again. We’ll do a terrible review later, but suffice it to say, The Avengers is a blast of a movie all around. Three thumbs and a nub up!

So, here’s the funniest scene from the movie: Hulk absolutely trashing Loki!  We picked it up off the Internet so the quality doesn’t hold to typical Comics A-Go-Go! standards, but, hey, we didn’t feel like getting kicked out of the theater, so let someone else take the risk.

Hulk and Loki

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. … whimper.

Say, are you a comics movie afficionado but don’t know much about the actual comics? Want to get a brief synopsis on the origin of each character? Do you want it in tiny capsules hastily compiled as is typical of our lazy posts? You bet. We got you covered: The origins of the original Avengers.

Super-heroines Demure!

1 Apr

We were going back through our Avengers posts to see if there was anything we should add today and we remembered the one about inequality in female/male hero poses. We originally found the pictures at I Can Has Cheezberger so we returned to read the updated comments. There’s an awful lot of grumbling about the sexist depictions of women in comic books. Our thoughts? Duh. Fanboy gets what fanboy wants. There’s nothing fair about sex.

The AvengersOddly but perhaps predictably, we really couldn’t find any pictures of female superheroes in practical and modest costumes. We did note, however, that compared to several other iterations of Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson’s version in the upcoming movie is actually fairly functional (although, we didn’t notice this earlier — check out her pose in this poster series). The cleavage zipper is unnecessary unless the intent is to distract the villains, but the full body coverage and protective material is probably what one could expect would work best in an action situation. The boots in this picture also seem to fit the criterion of practicality. ‘Cuz, how is a female superhero in high heels supposed to take on Loki? Although, come to think of it, how is a female or male hero that really isn’t super supposed to take on a Norse god at all? Well, never mind that. At some point, we just have to go with it, baby.

Anyway, if anyone has examples of other female superheroes in more practical attire, let us know. Mostly because we’re skeptical any exist.

As for “guy” candy, take a look at Daniel Clowes‘ Death Ray from Eightball. Compare that to other depictions of mainstream comic book heroes. See? Mainstream comics are equal opportunity exploiters.

Independent Comics

And just for funny …

Sexism in Comic Books

By the way, do you like how we used “demure” as a verb? We feel so coquettish.


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