Winnie the Who are You?

Here’s what happens when we feel bored and some stupid notion gets in our head. We like Winnie the Pooh, so we’re not sure what this whole desecration thing is about. On our way home from a short trip today, the images of a Pooh Apu filled our heads. We thought it would be fun to do a play on Winnie’s name but after thinking up a bunch of things like “Winnie is Blue”, “Winnie Pee-yew” and “Winnie No Clue,” these are the ones that survived.

Who, Pooh, do you think you are?

Winnie the Pooh Parody

Winnie the Pooh Parody

Winnie the Pooh parody

There is nothing quite so yumalicious as the spit of bees. Honey is God’s food (Well, so is chocolate – hmm, wonder what honey would taste like with chocolate). Here’s a scene from a song on Winnie the Pooh (2011). Wouldn’t the world be grand if this is what it looked and tasted like? And on a beach to boot!

Winnie the Pooh movie


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