It’s a Family Guy Nazi-fest!

Family Guy Satire

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Now THAT’s an election debate we could all get into!

We love Fox News because it provides so much fuel for our satire. We were planning to write a post about any number of Draconian points on which the ill-informed conservative crowd stand, but we grew weary with all the seriousness.

Last night, we watched the Family Guy  “German Guy” episode and thought it might be a nice gesture to mock both the Nazis and the pundits of Fox News at the same time.  Since calling a political figure a Nazi is a seriously harsh insult (unless the individual actually self-identifies as a fascist), we figured we ought to go with exactly that. It’s unlikely that the conservative columnists and celebrities are actually Nazis but the possibility still exists and it makes for convenient satire.

The scene where Chris goes into Lt.  Franz Schlechtnacht’s Nazi shrine room created a nice backdrop for this post. We scoured the web for images of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheny, and Mel Gibson since they had all been animated for the show in previous episodes and we felt they were deserving of our criticism. So, here you go.

Family Guy, Nazi Satire

Sponsored with gusto by Fox News.

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NOTE to our conservative readers: You are welcome to attack the clearly cynical nature of this post but keep in mind that this blog is mostly about humor so if you can’t take an incendiary joke, go read this instead.

Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin Catwoman Cosplay

Have you missed us? Yeah, us neither. But we’re back anyway. Been busy and all that what-not.

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney

The political stew is getting increasingly bubbly and is ready to boil over. With big elections coming up, especially because we’re in a presidential election year, we will be inundated with platforms and positions and posturing and pundits and platitudes and periwinkle pantsuits. We will hear talk of issues ranging far and wide from the vast array of parties that have real impact on our country’s future. Who can choose between so many different options under consideration on the most important issues facing our nation. What a shame that we simply don’t have two to choose from. If only we had just two political parties with any real influence. If only most issues could be boiled down to “for” and “against.” Ah, if only …

Catwoman CosplayAnyway, having just gotten back from Comic-Con just a few weeks ago, all this politicking reminded us that we forgot to post some additional cosplay chicanery. Ann Coulter showed up on Sunday to do a little glad-handing, baby-kissing (read: blood-sucking), and stumping for Rick Perry whom she is hoping will jump back into the race and take on milquetoast Mitt Romney. Ann’s got the pulse of average Comic-Con attendee well in hand. She showed up as Catwoman to ensure she would get their attention. Sarah Palin had also shown up to do the same. There was an inevitable encounter and a cat-fight broke out (heh, heh, you like that?). Any guess as to who won?  We sure do wish we had it on video, but all we managed to capture was the moment before Sarah attacked Ann. Here you go.

Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, Catwoman Cosplay, Comic-Con

To make sure things were fair and balanced, President Obama quickly rushed his own representative to San Diego. None of the interns were willing to don a sexy outfit and Hillary Clinton was the only one to throw her hat in the ring, so, reluctantly, the Commander-in-Chief sent his envoy to the greatest show on earth. Ol’ Hills chose to come as Harley Quinn. Not exactly a success.

Harley Quinn, Hillary Clinton Cosplay, Comic-Con