It’s a Family Guy Nazi-fest!

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Now THAT’s an election debate we could all get into!

We love Fox News because it provides so much fuel for our satire. We were planning to write a post about any number of Draconian points on which the ill-informed conservative crowd stand, but we grew weary with all the seriousness.

Last night, we watched the Family Guy  “German Guy” episode and thought it might be a nice gesture to mock both the Nazis and the pundits of Fox News at the same time.  Since calling a political figure a Nazi is a seriously harsh insult (unless the individual actually self-identifies as a fascist), we figured we ought to go with exactly that. It’s unlikely that the conservative columnists and celebrities are actually Nazis but the possibility still exists and it makes for convenient satire.

The scene where Chris goes into Lt.  Franz Schlechtnacht’s Nazi shrine room created a nice backdrop for this post. We scoured the web for images of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheny, and Mel Gibson since they had all been animated for the show in previous episodes and we felt they were deserving of our criticism. So, here you go.

Family Guy, Nazi Satire

Sponsored with gusto by Fox News.

Can’t get enough poking fun at Nazis? Give our Hogan’s Heroes post a shot.


NOTE to our conservative readers: You are welcome to attack the clearly cynical nature of this post but keep in mind that this blog is mostly about humor so if you can’t take an incendiary joke, go read this instead.

Nancy Silberkleit’s now stopping kids from bullying each other?!

Archie ComicsHuh? We’re confused. According to Market Watch, Nancy Silberkleit, the purported rampaging terror of Archie Comics is “a seasoned anti-bullying and literacy advocate” and is promoting a new essay event to call attention to anti-bullying initiatives.

This is the same Nancy Silberkleit that has a restraining order against her, right? The same lady that has … well, bullied … her staff. That’s just dirty pool, Nancy. Of course, one is known to do crazy things when one is under the influence of speed balls, so take it from Archie — get clean and come home.

So, why do we pick on Nancy so much anyway?  We’re not big fans of hypocrites or bullies. And as for judgment, well, for the moment, the testaments of staff and management as well as a court order gives us enough to say “tsk, tsk.”

Of course, we do hope things will end well for Archie Comics. 73 years is a long time to be publishing funnies – the company is an historic institution, by gum!

A word of advice for Nancy Silberkleit

The Consort of the House of Archie and the pretender to the throne should follow the lead of the red-headed boy. He knows what’s what.

Archie Comics

Yeah! Listen up Nancy Silberkleit!

You know, Nancy Silberkleit reminds us of another New York-based, married-into-the-family, Grande Dame, tyranical sort of boss … Leona Helmsley, the late “Queen of Mean”, wife of the late Harry Helmsley the billionaire property owner. Neither of them were apparently late to their funerals.

The Queen of Mean

It's all fun and games now, but as soon as the cameras are turned off, she'll turn into a Gorgon and feed on your flesh for 1000 years.

Archie Comics: the best line of the day

…now if only Frank Castle had shown up and let his guns loose… anyway: “Your brain makes me sad” (Vampire boy on page 3 above) is an immensely versatile sentence. We plan to use it frequently.

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Nancy Silberkleit goes ape-shapoopie

This just in from the land of the weird. Nancy Silberkleit, the co-CEO of Archie Comics has had a restraining order placed on her, barring her from entering the iconic comic book publisher’s offices. Apparently, Nancy is the boss from hell: “…she berates and threatens employees and likes to shout sexually explicit remarks.” Nancy has been pegged as an “…eccentric exec” and when she “…showed up at the office on Dec. 12 with a former Indianapolis Colt player [as her bodyguard] … Silberkleit allegedly yelled at the employees while the athlete loomed in the background.”

The Goldwater and Silberkleit familes have owned the comic book franchise since it was first launched in 1941. Nancy married into the family and co-manages it. In the complaint that led to the restraining order, “…the $125,000-a-year executive has waged an unrelenting campaign of terror since she was brought in to replace her deceased husband in 2009.”

The Punisher from Archie ComicsAs if comic books weren’t dramatic enough, the real-life drama at the House of Archie is sure  to unfold its outrageous story over the next several months.  This reminds us of the time that the real-life version of the Daily Planet’s Perry White laid into the real-life version of the Daily Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson. Remember? Perry was drunk off his rocker at a Meet the Press function and called Jameson a hack and a mysogonist. Fisticuffs ensued and long story short, the comic-book version of Clark Kent ended up in a punch bowl. Anyway, perhaps pseudo-real-life Archie can call his pal larger-than-life Frank Castle to bail the kids out of the whole mess. Ain’t it a beautiful life?

Read more at the reputable New York Post magazine.

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