God is an Atheist

Marvel Universe Character, The One Above All

So, here’s the story.

The Almighty God grew disillusioned. Poverty, wars, horrors that Man (and Woman, since inclusion is important) perpetuate on each other, and worst of all, indifference, led to serious soul-searching and questioning. He had plenty of Time on His hands since he had invented it so He took a break from His daily (millennial) activities and sequestered Himself in his study.  Eventually, He concluded that it was incompatible with His teachings to allow such things. What would be the point after all? Learning through suffering? Exquisite bliss after terrible pain? Organization from chaos for the sake of … what? He was both outraged and dismayed.

His cherubim and seraphim noticed the change in His demeanor. There’s nothing quite like Godly trembling, and the Hosts of Heaven were feeling it. God’s greatest advisers leaned in with their whisperings, the ones that they have murmured to mortals  for millenia: “All you need is faith … God knows more than Man; there is always a Divine purpose in His works … In the great books you will find the answers … Those that suffer in His name shall be saved …”  The problem is, God Himself penned those fundamental religious truths eons before the dawn of Man and now he was beginning to doubt them. They seemed too convenient, too pat. He hadn’t intended to be so circuitous. The maddening thing was that He was supposed to be Omniscient but there were apparently things even He didn’t know at the outset.

Recently, as theology mixed with increasingly robust information about Existence among the mortals, the talk about Him was evolving too. He had heard things like “God knows All, but He has not yet experienced All. Therefore, in a way, He is still in a process of perfection.” It sounded good and for a while He pleased Himself with their philosophies.  However, it didn’t take Him long to realize He had been taken by the “philosophies of Man,” which He had railed against specifically because they were flawed and self-serving. After all, the mortals were just speaking whatever made them comfortable in the moment, tacking on “, from God” to the end of their statements, and slipping back again into momentary denial.

But in the end, it kept coming back to The Plan. What had started out as an ambitious project to organize the cosmos and spawn creatures that could recognize and worship His existence had led to a sense of pointlessness. So, lacking faith, He tossed aside His Truths and in doing so ceased to exist.

We’re all alone now. What now? So what.

Theology is self-serving. God is elusive. We wonder what's going on.

And, there you have it. Another Philosophy of Man, this time at the hands of the cynics from Comics A-Go-Go! Because, why not? Until God actually pens a real book and comes down for a signing, we’ll stick with our pessimism, perhaps.

Old Sweater Guy passes on to oblivion

Death Becomes Him

And then there were none. It was bound to happen. After about a year making its rounds in cyberspace, ComicsAGoGo.com saw the last of its founding members leave the fold. Barney, Louise Brooks, and Darius Theodonis “Old Sweater Guy” Kovách are now gone. Louise left at the beginning of the summer to get ready for her wedding and decided not to return since she and her partner have been focusing on a new e-commerce venture (which has yet to have a launch date; so … hah!). Barney had been vacillating about investing more time in this site or focusing full-time on living life as a putz, and Old Sweater Guy was iffy most of the summer due to declining health. The rest of us have pretty much taken over the chores of heavy research, multi-media development, quality writing, and stellar publishing for which Comics A-Go-Go! has become known. It takes a lot to maintain the world’s  42,785,440th best blog but the rest of us are up to the challenge. Besides, the original three have done very little other than spawn the initial idea that a retro-cool blog about comic books would be really neat-o. Since then, Comics A-Go-Go! has become more of a mish-mash of anything related to pop culture, past or present, with a dash of politics and any old thing that happens to be left at the back of the fridge thrown in for sport.

Old Sweater Guy - Comics A-Go-Go!At any rate, on October 7, 2012, Old Sweater Guy finally succumbed to being old and went the way of the world. He said he was ready for it and we believe him since his last words were “I am ready for it.” Oddly, over the years his religious acquaintances told him repeatedly that he would find God in his last moments. Darius was a devout atheist and perpetually scoffed at the idea that the imminence of his death would force him to shed his callous disrespect for “the greatest sham ever perpetuated by opportunists and misguided zealots since the beginning of cognition.” And so, he proved his spiritually-inclined peers wrong. Two days before his death, Darius continued to reject God’s existence. In a last letter to all of his friends and enemies, he stated: “Move on with your misguided lives. I will not accept the notion that a God must exist  to justify my own existence. Why does this being have  to exist? What is so horrible with this idea that we simply are? In the great expanse of time and space, wonderful things happen such as entire galaxies forming, simple elements becoming complex, the universe constantly exposing its stupendous strangeness … and a relatively minor event where evolving beings become sentient and ponder the very existence of existence. Big deal, maybe. Why must we be so special? For myself, I do not worry about such things. I have lived. Joy and pain, I have experienced. I have done enough. So, I go now to nothing and with this I am content. Thank you again for the cashews. [This statement of gratitude makes no sense since no one remembers giving him a gift of cashews recently]. And just for laughing one last time, my tombstone epitaph will say: ‘If there is a hell, I will see you there.‘”

We’d like to say “God speed” to piss him off one more time, but apparently he’ll never know we said it. So, we’ll miss him … and that’s pretty much that.