Comic-Con Madness! (10:46am)

Comic-Con International

Well, shut our collective mouths and fry up the giblets! Justin over at just saved our bacon again. He was able to get in and score four-day passes for the remaining crew. We all got into Comic-Con 2013! Shee-yite!

We haven’t looked at this year’s agenda very closely but we’re looking forward to focusing more on old school comic books for a change. Most of our recent activities have surrounded movies and TV.  Jeff Smith has been announced as a special guest so we’re hoping to hear more about RASL and other upcoming projects. We’re also hoping he’ll get a haircut. And we’ll try to give the Masquerade a shot since some of us have never been. Other than that … we’ll wait for the program schedule.

Having said what we did about comics, we are looking forward to details about 300, Red 2 (we’re really hoping this one is good as the first one), Elysium, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Oldboy, Ender’s Game, Thor: The Dark World, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Jack Ryan … wow! 2013 has got some legs. And we haven’t even included movies like Robocop, Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar 2 (maybe premature but maybe at least teaser info … by the way, we wouldn’t mind seeing Avatar strictly as a naturalist’s “documentary” of the moon of Pandora), and James Bond 24 (still to be named, but Craig and Fiennes will be back of course, and we just found out Sam Mendes has re-upped).

For the fun of it, here’s the trailer to Red 2, starring Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and of course others.

This roller coaster, nail biter wears a person out. Time for a collective nap. Besides, it’s Saturday so there’s no particular place to go.

Sleeping dog

Comic-Con Infographic, sort of

We haven’t done of these before so we decided to give it a go. We’ve seen sites that use infographics — images that pack a lot of text and graphical information into a single picture. Since we’re part of the comic book crowd,  pretty pictures accompanying our reading literature is always welcome. Anyway, our thought was to create a big ol’ stream of pictures with commentary showing what we’d seen at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. After more than an hour of flipping through images and trying to pack them into the picture, we decided to drop the commentary and let the mess speak for itself.

Here is an example of a good infographic.

Jim Lee, comic book artist

This is an example of an infographic from Haley Barbour’s website. It lacks punch.


If you been on this blog before you know how we like to kvetch about the fact that we only got Thursday and Sunday badges to the Con. Damn your eyes, comic book gods! So, anyway, these pictures are from those days. Please do not point out what we missed the other days. It will make us sullen. Maybe worse.

San Diego Comic-ConOh, yeah. Speaking about badges — wanna know what happens when you lose a badge? First, you feel sick. Then, you feel angry. Then, you feel all panicky-like. Once reason has been restored, you go to the convention center and tell Security that you need to replace a lost badge. They will smirk and direct you up the escalator and along a cordoned off path against the wall to the registration area. Once you are there, you will stand in line with a handful of other poor sods. Your turn will eventually come up and you will quickly surge to the counter where your pleading and desperate eyes will be met by cold and WGAF eyes. Only the DMV will suck more juice out of your soul (OK, the staff is actually direct but not unkind; we just need to deflect our pain to someone else. And we all know that pop culture pain is the worst kind there is. Oh, the humanity and stuff).


Hey, how are you? Say, is that your badge? ‘Cuz that’s my name too. Kind of weird, huh? Same name and … oh, will you look at that … same city! Wow, what are the odds. Well, anyway, I was wondering if you would mind very much if I pull the bottom end of your intestine out your back door and stuff it back down to connect at the top end . You know, for a poop loop-dee-loop. Give back the damn badge!

You will fill out a lost badge document explaining in as much detail as possible what happened to your badge. Then, if everything is in order, you will be issued a new badge and pay a minimum of $12 (that’s just to get a new Sunday badge; if you lose a four day badge – get out your wallet and sit down). You will be told that the first time you lose a badge, this is the process you will go through. Your information will be entered into a database. If you lose your badge again, you will be blacklisted. Meaning, no soup for you, dear boy/girl.


How should I know where it is? I can’t even remember where I put Mommy’s keys and boy is she sure sore about that. Go away! I gotta  concentrate on finding them before she sells me to the gypsies like she’s always threatening.

Why all this brouhaha? Apparently, there is a propensity among attendees to “lose” their badges into the hands of another person and then go get a new one. The Comic-Con staff is becoming much more active in its enforcement of attendee registration violations. We can only hope that wherever our badge ended up that it was not in nefarious hands. We don’t want to be black-listed because some degenerate took advantage of our good standing and used the badge for some untoward activity. Dunno, maybe like trying to get into a panel and getting pulled aside for a random check. These things are happening now, so be forewarned.  One of us didn’t know how to use a lanyard very well. He has learned.

San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con

See? This attendees on top of things. Notice the careful placement of the badge in a tightly secure and clearly visible location. No worries about a fan boy diving in after that! They’ll think about it all day, but they won’t do it.

On to the infographic thingy!


Comic-Con is Go!

Marvel Comics PunisherWell, well, well. The folks at SDCC put out a final batch of tickets from the last round of cancellations. There were 5,000 tickets. As with the last first and second rounds, we got set up to wait in line (online) with the other x-thousands of chumps that also have been trying to get in. Out of the gates, we were in fairly good position in the queue, but since the people in front of us had the option to buy multiple tickets … well, let’s just say our pessimism rode high today. After much nail biting, we got to the head of the class. Good news? We scored. Bad news? We only got Thursday and Sunday tickets.


Oh, goody! We can feel our dogs barking already.

We’re not sure how we feel about this. Yes, we’ll probably still go, if only to get a shot at a 4-day pass for 2013 (you can still buy those on-site, right?). But what the hell are we supposed to do Friday and Saturday*? All we can say is there had better be some crazy deals for graphic novels on Sunday. We want all of the vendors to do well, but still be hungry enough to give us some sweet comic book love (i.e., good reads for cheap).

Here’s a nothing kick in the junk. The only hotel (that we could afford anyway) we could find somewhere along the San Diego trolley-thingy lines is in San Ysidro. Oh, we can’t wait. If any of our readers lives in San Diego proper and wants to rent couches to crash on, drop us a note. There will probably be two of us. Since many of our readers appear to be in Europe (we still don’t understand that) and because our blog is banned in California, we’re guessing we’re not going to be getting many invites.

So, cheers, we guess. We’ll see you other fortunate monkeys there. We’ll be the ones with the Comics A-Go-Go! t-shirts. If you can find us there, you’ll win a special prize. We’ll give you an autographed one dollar bill. So, let’s see. We have 7 readers. We throw out the 2 European, the Brazilian, and the 3 Americans on the East Coast. That leaves Trisha in Las Vegas (we couldn’t think of a more generic name other than Mary and that name seems too old-school for a Comic-Con attendee) and she has told us emphatically that she will NOT try to find us at the Comic-Con after our spoof of Hellboy (hey, we liked our Gelboy post). So, we’re keeping our dollar, we guess.

Comic-Con! Avante!

San Diego Comic-Con

* Yeah, right. Nothing to do in San Diego. Hah. So, we’ll probably spend time at La Jolla snorkeling (can’t wait), swimming, and not-surfing. We never learned to surf. Shame that. If we have enough money left over after Thursday, we may go to the Wild Animal Park or Zoo or Old Town or something. Too many choices.

Comic-Con A-No-Go!


Less than one and a half hours. That’s how little time it took to sell out ALL of the San Diego Comic-Con badges. We all started out around #38,000 in the queue and figured we would get at least one day passes. As we approached #10,000 – zup! Gone. Pisser.

“Depression’s got a hold of us;” Black Flag says it best.Yes, yes … we’ll get over it! Just give us a moment to mourn. Cripes.

Comic Con badges

We are displeased.