Holy Havana! Cuba visits Comics A-Go-Go!

My regular visitors know that I love stats because I talk about it a lot. I pay attention to the page views and visitors I get. I pay attention to box office ticket sales. I “watch” basketball games by churning through rebounds, assists, points, blocks, minutes, games-without-injuries, and headbutts. I like survey results. I enjoy looking at sales trends at work. And the funny thing is I suck at math, so I don’t get where the infatuation with numbers comes from.

Statistics from Comics A-Go-Go!

One of the stats I love watching is the number of countries (and regions, territories, protectorates, etc.) that visit my blog. As of today, I’ve had visitors from 185 of the 241 entities identified by Flag Counter. If you paid attention to your geography lessons in school, you’ll know that the term “country” is a very loose term because there are certain areas that can’t be defined as autonomous but that do have a level of international recognition as viable political/economic entities. It would take a wiki page to go through all of the various definitions and lists of those geographical areas, and since this is a blog of massively irresponsibility, we’ll just leave off and say that over 75% of the planet has sent a representative to check out what on Earth is going on at Comics A-Go-Go!

The one that surprised me yesterday was Cuba. I had no idea that Cuba was connected to the outer world. I figured the SDE (Cuban secret police) “discouraged” that sort of thing. But, in the end, the brilliance of this blog cannot be suppressed. So, Juan Miguel Sanchez Miller De la Cruz, thanks for the visit. Hope you enjoyed the sexy cosplayers. Sorry to hear about your sentencing.

Fidel Castro humor

Incidentally, Africa, I’m still waiting for a bunch of your guys to climb on board. I have had a handful of visitors from some of the missing African countries since my whiny post on the topic, but there are still several of you to go.

Now, if I ever get a visitor from North Korea, I will be terrified. I figure there is no way that anyone in that god-forsaken hellhole could access the real world, so if I get a click from there, I know it is because I am under secret investigation for making fun of the Kims.  Should a fateful event befall me, I have left specific instructions that Justin Kirk take over my website. It’s only right.

Flag of Cuba Humor

And just to be fair …

Cuba Geography, Humor

The Top 10 Countries that Haven’t Visited Comics Go-Go! Yet

Depending on how you count “countries,” our website has been visited by 155 to 171. Not bad, but that leaves us with between 40-80 laggers. Here are the ones that we’re most disappointed have not stopped in. Shame on you (assuming you’re reading this for crying out loud).

Flag Country How we feel about it…
Flag of Andora Andorra OK, this one is iffy. We recognize that we haven’t written anything specifically about Andorra, so we’re sorry about that, but c’mon. There are 85,000 of you. Someone needs to step up.
Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Just because we like your country’s name, we’re calling you out.
Flag of Cuba Cuba Really? Still with the oppression thing? Isn’t Fidel loosening the grip yet? And, we thought Raúl was a reformist, sort of.
Flag of Djibouti Djibouti Again, another name we like. We have a post in the works titled: “Big Booties from Djibouti.” We expect a flood of activity after that.
Flag of the Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Oh, this one is unexcusable.
Flag of Greenland Greenland Yeah, didn’t expect much here. Thanks for nothing Greenland.
Flag of North Korea North Korea Oh, now it’s personal. We have written post after post about your hell hole of a country and we haven’t even gotten so much as a finger wag from the Chosŏn’gŭl. What-the-hell. Fine, we’ll up the ante. Expect some viscious attacks in the near future. Not against the people, though.  Of course, we’re going to do what we can to protect the down-trodden citizens of your bizarre little fiefdom, Kim Jong-un (and cronies).
Flag of Seychelles Seychelles With tears in our eyes, we sadly admit that the reason we have not gotten any visitors from Seychelles is because we have not paid our property taxes yet. Fortunately, the government lackies haven’t boated out to Bird Island yet to cut off our satellite uplink. It terrifies us that soon enough, though, Comics A-Go-Go! may go into haitus if we are not able to acquire funds to come current. So, won’t you donate to our cause and keep the 3,247,380th best website alive and bringing you the sauce? You can submit your donations through Paypal to user: “ComicsAGoGoIsBeingASmartAssAgain.”
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan This one really pisses us off. We wrote a post about Kantubek and it wasn’t even disparaging. Yes, of course we lied about the 900 hits from Yuri Grabianko. Half our posts are lies, but that’s no excuse. Step up, dammit.
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City This is curious. In a recent survey, 72% of Catholic priests polled indicated they read at least one Comics A-Go-Go! Post a month. So, what? Cardinals are elitist. That’s what. They choose to read from our competitor’s blog (Comics Go Pro) instead, we’re sure. That’s fine. They are old school, bland, and witless.