Harry Reems, Real Estate, Booze, and Porn

Porn Star with 1970s moustache

Porn-stache to mountain homes

Harry Reems, the actor in the infamous landmark pornographic film Debbie Does Dallas has died. The cause of death was not disclosed but it was possible that years of alcohol abuse was directly involved in his failing health. Harry was a recovering alcoholic that had sober since the 1980s. When he left the porn industry, he had a trail of more than 100 smut films behind him.

Harry moved to Utah in 1989, began a 12-step program, converted to Christianity (Methodism not Mormonism as erroneously reported by Ron Jeremy, a fellow porn icon from the 1970s onward), married a woman, and began a real estate business in the exclusive ski resort town of Park City, Utah.

Oddly, Harry Reems left his past but not his name. His birth name was Herbert Streicher. Working in the heart of Mormonism and shunning pornography gave him no compelling reason to do so except that Park City is an island of weirdness, filled with people that often do not have roots in the isolated Mormon community, so it’s possible that many knew of his past and perhaps he traded on that.

Incidentally, as far as we know, Harry Reems was never confused with Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate Majority leader (who actually is a Mormon, and also, oddly, a Democrat, which is rare in the conservative religious faith, which is also odd since Mormon history includes a penchant for centralized authoritarian mandates for community sharing and redistribution of wealth through things like tithing and something called the United Order (a Utopian social structure that was somewhat similar to Communism)).

The Porn Star and the Senator

Porn and Politics. Prostituting your soul for gain.

Harry was 65.