Alfred E. Neuman Spoofs at Comic-Con

Alfred E. Neuman and Human Evolution

DC owns the rights to Mad Magazine so they allocate a wall of their booth at Comic-Con to the legendary humor variety rag. I took pictures last year that I never posted so I’m adding them to the ones I took this year. The paintings and illustrations are spoofs of famous people and comic book characters. Nothing says “I love you” quite like sophomoric mockery.

Alfred E. Neuman is an American icon. I remember growing up thinking he was an imbecile but looking at him now, I just think he’s incorrigibly precocious. And he has that winning smile.

Alfred E. Neuman is the missing link

Alfred E. Neuman spoos The Walking Dead Mad Magazine spoofs The Man of Steel

Justice League, the New 52 Spoof Alfred E. Neuman in a Jackson Pollock painting Alfred E. Neuman sitting on a toilet in a Game of Thrones parody Alfred E. Neuman as Spider-man Alfred E. Neuman in Disney's The Incredibles Alfred E. Neuman as Green Lantern Alfred E. Newman spoofs Robin Alex Ross does Alfred E. Neuman, Superman, and Batman

Lena Headey fights 300 Grimm Terminators with Dredd-locks in a Cave to win the Throne

Bermuda. West Yorkshire. Come on Lena Headey…

Our post on Dredd made us think about Lena. Props to the girl. She’s built an impressive résumé. For our part, we miss her turn as the modern Mother Mary in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Bah. The good ones die first.

Lena Headey, actress

The patent Lena Headey furrowed brow and locked lips.

Lean Headey, actress

An asphalt nightmare for sure. Say, did you know Lena dated Jason Flemyng for several years? They met on the set of The Jungle Book in 1994. Nothing special about that tidbit. Just sayin’ is all.