In outer space, everything must go!


Now that the shuttle program has been cancelled, there’s lots of fun stuff on the market. Space travel is becoming more accessible than ever. For the 1%, anyway, because most of us don’t have US$1 million for a Zero G experience let alone US$100 million for a lunar orbital slingshot. Oh, just kidding. We’re actually flush. We made a killing in petroleum in the 1980s and have so much money we give as much as we can to the Iranians for their nuclear weapons program. Because when you’re as Swearing rich as we are, life is boring without a 10 million degree holocaust. Yeah. We’re down with that.

Private space exploration

The astronauts are available as an upgrade. In space, anything goes and eventually everything will.

Our wealth may not have gotten us into the Comic-Con (where is the fairness in that?; if we’re going to be part of the 1%, then we damn well better get more than our share!), but it will eventually get us into Sheer Awe. Blue Marble we love thee, but we want to go on vacation once in a while.

Occupy Movement

We have absolutely no idea how Batman ended up on the moon (without a suit to boot), but here’s rare footage of  Alan Shepard giving him a smack with a golf ball. Shortly thereafter, somebody turned on the studio lights and ruined all the fun.

Alan Shepard playing golf on the moon

Thank you awritersdailyblisspursuit for inspiring this post.

April Fool’s Day

Unbelievable. We actually missed it. And we had such fantastic lies to make up. Ah, well. Here’s a half-hearted attempt to make it up to you.



Update: OK, we don’t really think this post should confuse people, but one of our friends was concerned that readers of this April Fool’s Day joke wouldn’t realize it was a prank within a prank. For the record, Comic A-Go-Go! is very comfortable with the idea that the missions to the moon really, actually, most certainly did happen. In fact, why are we even explaining ourselves? Controversionalists be damned! Now, we also believe Bigfoot is real and recently moved into a mobile home just outside Spokane. Last we heard, he was on probation for animal cruelty. Apparently, he took a solution for his squirrel problem a little too far.

Update 4/22/2012: OK, we have to include this from Hilarious.