Alfred E. Neuman Spoofs at Comic-Con

Alfred E. Neuman and Human Evolution

DC owns the rights to Mad Magazine so they allocate a wall of their booth at Comic-Con to the legendary humor variety rag. I took pictures last year that I never posted so I’m adding them to the ones I took this year. The paintings and illustrations are spoofs of famous people and comic book characters. Nothing says “I love you” quite like sophomoric mockery.

Alfred E. Neuman is an American icon. I remember growing up thinking he was an imbecile but looking at him now, I just think he’s incorrigibly precocious. And he has that winning smile.

Alfred E. Neuman is the missing link

Alfred E. Neuman spoos The Walking Dead Mad Magazine spoofs The Man of Steel

Justice League, the New 52 Spoof Alfred E. Neuman in a Jackson Pollock painting Alfred E. Neuman sitting on a toilet in a Game of Thrones parody Alfred E. Neuman as Spider-man Alfred E. Neuman in Disney's The Incredibles Alfred E. Neuman as Green Lantern Alfred E. Newman spoofs Robin Alex Ross does Alfred E. Neuman, Superman, and Batman

Strange search terms

Pie Chart

We love statistics. Mining data and looking at charts gets us all hot and bothered.  So, we frequently peak at our WordPress stats to see what’s going on. One of the categories that’s interesting to us is the Search Engine Terms listings because we get to see what you’re looking for to get to our blog. Just for fun, here are some of the weirder search terms that ended up as clicks to our website.

“male comic book hairstyles”

We have no idea what would have linked our site with this search term. So, here’s a picture for Google and the like to show for future search results. 

Superman is beautiful

Who’s prettier than Superman? His boyish mop and kinky “S” makes him the cat’s meow.

“kid creole and the coconuts armpits”

This one was easy. We created a post about Kid Creole and included a link to a Youtube video of one of our favorite Kid songs. We noted in our post that the Coconuts were sporting underarm hair. Why would somebody search for this, though? Fetishes are sometimes unexplainable , we suppose. Here’s the inspiration.

Kid Creole and the Coconuts

The funny thing is, she is very particular about having smooth legs.

“sarah palin adult comics”

We can’t tell if Antarctic Press slapped a “For Mature Audiences” tag on the cover somewhere, but this is adult enough, we suppose.

Sarah Palin

Now go check Sarah out in a little cosplay action.

“kiim il sung eyebrows”

The misspelling is actually the searcher’s. Anyway, is there something special about Kim Il-Sung’s eyebrows? We’re not sure there was before, but there is now. Our image portraying the various possibilities with a dictator’s facial hair is sure to be well studied in political science classes. For us, it isn’t his eyebrows that are of particular interest, though. Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un demonstrate that batshitness has something to do with hair.

Kim Il-Sung eyebrows

In making this image, a vision came to us of Potato Head, Korean style. If we weren’t so lazy, we’d make interchangeable lips too.

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

The whole eyebrow thing made us think about Sly’s plastic surgery results. At least he can see again.

“big growing muscles comics”

This terrible 1990’s offense to the senses is brought to you by none other than the Grand Lord of Bombastic Hackery, Rob Liefeld. There are so many things wrong with this picture. “Big growing muscles” is just one of them.

Rob Liefeld, Shatterstar

Rob Liefeld is the Lance Armstrong of comics. Here’s another crime against humanity. Be aware that it contains partial nudity.

“tintin and haddock in love”

Ah, amor. In Europe, the age of consent is 12, so this would be a legitimate pairing. And why not? Hergé was already a racist and anti-animalist.

Tintin and Captain Haddock

“Billions of blistering blue barnacles, Tintin. You shouldn’t have. This is the most beautiful ode to sailor-journalist love I have ever read.”
“Really? You like it? Please tell me again that you do.”

“fat guy and the hot chick powergirl”

Why is it that the hot chick always ends up with the nasty old dude in Hollywoodland and in French films starring Gérard Depardieu? Yuck. Incidentally, Gérard is France’s Nick Nolte, n’est-ce pas?

Karen Starr, Power Girl

We love Power Girl. Not just because of her ample frontage property, but because she gives us a lot of great stats.

“inside out babies”

The only safe thing we could think of that relates to this freakish search term was a shot of Maggie from a Simpson’s Halloween special. The story goes that a noxious gas turns the family members’ bodies inside out.

Maggie Simpson


guy who draws large boobs on comic book characters

Jack Kirby

We’re getting tired of thinking up new quips and pics of the boob thing (as well as humorous dialogue), so we’re supplanting the word with “boots.” Completely different results, wouldn’t you say?

“toon girl with honey in the pussy”

Not surprisingly, a lot of the search terms are sexual in nature and a huge amount are a variation on the theme of “boobs.” Most of them are directed to a tongue-in-cheek post we did called Biggest Boobs in Comics. But some are just unexplainable. Here’s the best we could come up with for “toon girl with honey in the pussy.” 

Weird search terms

We’ll spare you the rectal thermometer scene.

Winnie the Who are You?

Here’s what happens when we feel bored and some stupid notion gets in our head. We like Winnie the Pooh, so we’re not sure what this whole desecration thing is about. On our way home from a short trip today, the images of a Pooh Apu filled our heads. We thought it would be fun to do a play on Winnie’s name but after thinking up a bunch of things like “Winnie is Blue”, “Winnie Pee-yew” and “Winnie No Clue,” these are the ones that survived.

Who, Pooh, do you think you are?

Winnie the Pooh Parody

Winnie the Pooh Parody

Winnie the Pooh parody

There is nothing quite so yumalicious as the spit of bees. Honey is God’s food (Well, so is chocolate – hmm, wonder what honey would taste like with chocolate). Here’s a scene from a song on Winnie the Pooh (2011). Wouldn’t the world be grand if this is what it looked and tasted like? And on a beach to boot!

Winnie the Pooh movie


Iran Man

Yeah, it’s corny enough that it’s probably been done before. So what. Here’s our take.

Iran Man! The Persian Juggernaut. The Mighty Man of the Mullahs. The Terror from Tehran. The hero Rostam reincarnated. Ladies, we hear you sighing beneath your burqas. Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbaaaaaalllllllaaaaahhhh!!!!!

Iron Man Parody

Scaring infidels with my piercing stare!

“Israel! I am putting you on warning. Return the Holy Land or I will continue to bother and threaten you and stuff!”

“And, you! American dogs! Lest you think you have a chance with your stupid, puny little drones and special forces and blah, blah, you should know that … لا شه کشتي , کشتي , بدنه کشتي , تنه کشتي , کشتي سنگين وکندرو , باسنگيني ورخوت حرکت کردن , بزرگ بنظر رسيدن. a evah eW. Don’t make him angry! You think your foolish American Hulk is angry? We’re already angry when we’re happy. You don’t want to make us angry, angry. Really bad things might happen in a year or so when we have a nuke or two.”

“As for you, Sunni pigs. I cannot even begin to hate you enough! I will incinerate you with the Sword of Lazer that emanates from my righteous hand!”

Next up? Amazon Basin Hawkeye (captured on film below while he prepares to shoot out Nick’s other eye).


Hey, hey! Lookit my xáapahai! I’ma getcha! Cody can keep all his fancy gear, his guns, his ATV, and his Ram 3500. He ain’t got my skills. ‘Nuf sed!

Time for one more …

All the way from Linsneria, it’s the megalithic Thorbian!

Comic Book Character Parodies

I’m from an alternaverse where a bastard with hairy palms spawned me. Yay nipple protectors!

The Dictator (2012) Movie

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen, the understated writer/actor, has returned with a new comedy. This time it’s a feature film … no mockumentaries like Baron Cohen’s other films  Borat and Brüno. The Dictator is slated to come out May 11th. Here’s the deal-e-o in a nutshell:

2012 MovieAccording to the distributor, Paramount Pictures, The Dictator will “tell the story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.” Larry Charles, who previously directed Borat and Brüno, will direct this film. Also starring, Ben Kingsley (we like Ben) and Anna Faris (we like Anna).

From what we can tell, the premise is that Admiral General Aladeen, a dictator from the fictional Middle Eastern country called The Republic of Wadiya, arrives Stateside to much fanfare and controversy but ends up “lost in America” where he most likely will find spiritual awakening and redemption from his previous tyrannical lifestyle. We hope not. We hope that when he gets back to power, Aladeen turns out worse than he was before. Dark comedy. That’s the ticket.

Anyway, here’s a weirdo tidbit. Apparently, the film is loosely inspired by a novel that was purportedly written by the late, great Saddam Hussein. Except, we can’t imagine that humorless Saddam could write a comedy so we’re guessing the film is a mocking tip-of-the-hat to the formerly-real-life dictactor’s opus, Zabibah and the King. The bizarre self-worship portrayed in the film reminds us of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and we have to suppose “El Coronel Mariposa” was a significant inspiration for the film.

The Dictator movie (2012)Incidentally, anyone watch the Oscars? No? Well, Sacha showed up in his Admiral General Aladeen outfit (after being expressely warned not to do so by the  Academy muckety-mucks) carrying an urn that he claimed contained the ashes of his late golf buddy Kim Jong Il. After some silliness, he “accidentally” spilled the contents of the urn on the red carpet and Ryan Seacrest. How this guy manages not to draw hit squads from the nefarious parts of our globe is anyone’s guess. Sacha, we respect your cajones. We really don’t want to see them as we almost did in Borat, but we do respect them.

Sacha Baron Cohen

And here’s the source of Sacha’s inspiration… Daffy Gaddafi! You go, girl!

A dictator in drag. There ain't no ho like a hairy ho.
The virginal paratroopers complete the insanity. What's up with the dude in the suit? Could he look any more uncomfortable?

Moamar, you old queen! As for Hugo … give yourself a double fist-pump. Saddam is history. Hosni is gone. Muammar is gone. Bashar will soon be gone as will Mahmoud. Li’l Kim Jong-un is an up-and-comer, but you may be the undisputed, still-somewhat-relevant throwback dictator de jour.

Venezuelan Dictator

Hugo "Mushroom Man" Chavez

Hugo Chavez

Nobody sports a healing hat like our Man in Caracas.

And speaking of the formerly-alive, poofy-headed man-child Kim Jong-il, we’re not sure if we’re flattered or indignant that we have received zero page views from North Korea. Why would anyone ever want to censor Comics A-Go-Go!? We can only hope that Kim “Chubby Cheeks” Jong-un will allow the glorious golden sunrise that is CAGG to enlighten his people.

North Korean Dictator

Now that he's gone, the vegetables can become food again.

It’s almost trite to say it, but with Saddam out of the picture, Iraq just hasn’t been the same. Now corruption has to be divided up among so many parties. To coin a phrase from Spain … “Esto nunca pasaba con Franco.”

Saddam Hussein

Saddam "Capone" Hussein taking pot shots at Predator drones.

It’s a two-fer! The girls must have been going mad! This is like seeing Elvis and Tom Jones on stage together for the first time.

Middle Eastern dictators
Yes, we know that men holding hands is a Middle Eastern habit, but it’s creepy given who the two men are. Besides, since when do Sunnis and Shi’ites hold hands and smile for the cameras? Oh, right. When money’s on the line. Everybody can be bought and sold.