Rob Liefeld Takes it to the Extreme!

Extreme logo for Rob Liefeld comics

Rob Liefeld’s “art” and “storytelling” are so over the top that sometimes I feel fatigued just seeing the cover of one of his comic books. I’ve made so much fun of Rob in this post that I suspect I will get a call from his legal representatives. Except, maybe I won’t since I get around 10,000 page views a month and his site probably gets 100,000+. Or maybe he’s just waiting for Comic-Con so he can punch me. Or maybe I’m just one of many that have mocked him and he’s just to it all. Well, why stop now?

The Regex one is my favorite. The Prophet toy is just so ridiculous I can’t stand it. Enjoy my additional posts on Rob Liefeld when you’re done here.

Rob Liefeld Extreme Comics Regex comics by Rob Liefeld Prophet figure by Extreme Toys Parody of Extreme The End is Now Advertising

Power Girl’s Power Window – A Boon for Big Boobs

Power Girl, comic book character

[Warning: Although there is no nudity or reference to things like copulation or fetishes and such, this post is essentially sexual in topic.  So, maybe not such a good thing this is to be browsing at work or with people that might take offense.]

OK. It’s done. We’ve sold out.  We have unashamedly turned away from our high-brow social commentary ( … ?!) for a moment and have provided you, oh dear readers/lookers, with a bevy of bounteous bosoms suited only for salacious salivation.

Adam Hughes

Light as a feather and no particular place to go. Actually, one would think those big boobs would weigh her down. We imagine it would also be hard to fight with them getting in the way and such.

What spurred this on? Well, two things:

1) we wrote a post some time ago about a song called Detachable Penis and a connection (heh…) to an obscure superhero named Captain Marvel from M.F. Publishing (not to be confused with the DC/Fawcett Captain Marvel). That post was (and still is) the record holder for the most page views in one day.

2) we did a follow-up parody called Biggest Boobs in Comics that took advantage of people searching for sex-related material (the post is actually a manipulation of slang words for breasts that correlate to unrelated things — e.g., boobs = The Boob, in reference to an old movie that cited the colloquial “boob” commonly used at the time in reference to an idiot).

Big Boobs After writing the Big Boobs blog, we joked that when the post hit 1,000 page views, we’d do another manipulative entry to get a bigger spike in site activity. Well, we hit 1,000 page views rather quickly, so we realized we  had set the bar too low. We changed it up and agreed that if the post ever became #1 in page views for one quarter, we’d have to do a follow-up post about actual boobs in comics, in reference to the current colloquial meaning of the word.  And here we are. For the last three months, the Biggest Boobs post has captured the #1 spot. It pisses us off because we know that the vast majority of people coming to our site are getting here because they are looking for the type of titillation that we generally try to avoid in this blog. Well, mostly. OK, partially. We’re doing the PG-13 thing as best we can.

Power Girl Logo

Why Power Girl doesn’t have a logo

So, for our long time readers that don’t find this sort of thing funny, sorry about that. But the reality is that for every one of you that stops reading, there are going to be 10+ new lookie-loos hoping for even more arousing fare. And, in the end we’re simply whores to the numbers. But don’t despair. If you stick around, you’ll only have to tolerate the occasional trip down Sexpot Lane. The rest of the time, we’ll be writing our regular crap about odd comic book origins or Comic-Con or Syria  or bad fashion or Asterix or cool comic book covers … see we’re making an effort to edumicaterate the newbies on the virtues of the Comics A-Go-Go! experience.

Enough writing, the rest of you say? Bring on the boobies, you say? Alright, here you go. Today we’re shining the spotlight on the Best of the Breast. Here is a mountain of mammaries from the girl with one of the most ridiculous costumes in comics. Lo, Power Girl.


Power Girl’s boobs empower her as a woman … not sure how, but that’s the message we’re getting. Thank you horny comic book creators.

First up: 100 pictures of Power Girl’s Power Window — the famous cleavage exposing, completely unnecessary costume feature. We were going to grab just 50 pictures but there are sooooo many images of Power Girl on the Internet that we kept going until we hit 100. Waste of time? Who cares? We have to admit that the exercise had its moments.

Power Girl's costume window

Next: 24 pictures of Power Girl cosplayers with an extra pic for you guys and girls that prefer your cheesecake with a bit more testosterone. Our favorite is in the lower right hand corner. We have no idea where it originated (should have kept notes, we suppose), but that’s some convincing rage you’re expressing there, girlfriend. Good dental hygiene, too.

Power Girl Cosplay

So, this is what it has come to. We are convinced that this post will become the biggest player on our blog in the very near future. We actually think that’s too bad. There’s other stuff on this site that is really good (that’s not just our opinion – our mommies have told us so). Stick around after you’ve wasted your time counting the boob images in the infographic to make sure we actually did put 100 sets of boobs in it, and go look at some of our other offerings. Here’s a last one for the road.

Power Girl parody

As they say in the Biz, “Sex sells, baby!” (This has got to be the single worst mashup we’ve ever done, but give us a break! Look at the man boobs in the source material. Dude, whoever you are, just … just stop. Please.)

Note: We specifically looked for pictures that adhere to  fair use laws or that are found ubiquitously on the Internet. However, if any of these pictures belong to you and you want credit for them, let us know which one it/they is/are and we’ll add a footer. If there are copyrighted pictures we’ve used that we should not have, help us identify those and we’ll replace them with others.

Barak and Sarah sitting in a tree

We don’t remember where we found this picture originally and it’s probably pretty dated by now given that Sarah Palin is yesterday’s news, but the picture is just so well done we have to share it. Wow! Sarah’s got a nice set of gams.*

Dancing with the Stars

* gam, n

(gams, plural)

A leg, esp. in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg. slang

There. You learned a new word today. Compliments of Comics A-Go-Go! And if you already know what “gam” means, then explain the etymology, know it all. And if you know the etymology … well, just enjoy the damn picture.

Benny Lava – Buffalax

The Indian movie scene is rife with music and dancing numbers. By American standards, a lot of it is silly. The women sing in high pitch and the men try to be ice cool. Now, we’re not slamming the better fare out of Bollywood (even great movies like Lagaan have catchy numbers with dance troupes), but we are poking fun at the formulaic rom-coms and dramas.

An Indian friend explained to us why dance choreography in Indian cinema is so popular. The Indian culture is highly social, and music and dance have been an integral part of it since forever. Indians are also very eclectic in their tastes. If it looks good, smells good, feels good, sounds good, they easily adopt it into their pop culture.  He told us that Michael Jackson and other American dance artists are immensely popular, and since Indians are naturally attracted to large and showy festivities, music and dancing are bound to happen in significant quantities. So, just like Americans like violence and sex in our movies (what the hell does that say about our personal interest?), Indian social culture leads to an interest in large Bollywood extravaganza. Since we lived in India, we can attest to that. They know how to partay!

Perhaps it may seem like we are poking fun at an ethnic group and that doing so is in poor taste given that our last post was on racism in Tintin, but that’s not the case. This video doesn’t mock Indians – it has a bit of fun with the absurdity of Bollywood popular cinema, just like we also mock American and European pop culture elements (see how we feel about David Bowie and Mick Jagger for example, for whom we actually feel serious disdain).

At any rate, we certainly enjoy a bit of satire, so let’s have a little fun at Bollywood’s expense. Here’s an oldie but goody video for your viewing pleasure.

So, enjoy.

Asterix and the British

A British Slave in a Roman MarketOne of the things that makes the Asterix series so much fun are the blatant cultural stereotypes. Most of the stuff is innocuous and we appreciate that the authors don’t bother trying to spare anyone of a bit of good old fashioned lampooning. The Romans almost always end up with the worst of it. They were the hated enemy after all. But Goscinny and Uderzo didn’t shy away from poking good-natured fun at the British. After all, they are cousins, aren’t they? Now how about a spot of hot water?

The Romans are Coming! The Romans are Coming!

Why the British were conquered by the Romans

Who really discovered tea and brought it to England?

Asterix brings tea leaves to Britain

Hot water just doesn't cut it anymore

The Gauls are the founders of anything important

The British can thank Getafix for their introduction to tea

If the French had fathered the United States of America instead of the British, the distance between New York City and Los Angeles would be 4500 kilometers not 2800 miles. 

British Money

So, what does two pounds, eight shillings, and a pence make? The Euro.

Food! Glorious Food!

British Food

Warm beer?! What next? Boiled pork?!

British Food

The Brits have a rare genetic flaw. No taste buds. Well, no taste, really.

Go visit the Asterix in Britain review for more frolicking fun, wot!