Movie Review: Iron Sky

Iron Sky 2012 Movie, Nazis in Space

Iron Sky Movie 2012The film Iron Sky was pitched pretty heavily at Comic-Con 2012 to coincide with its U.S. launch. It was first released in Europe in April 2012. We wanted to go by the booth for details but forgot about it until the last few minutes of the Con on Sunday and by then the staff had vacated it. Too bad since we were really curious. So, we were glad it made its way to Netflix last week. Wondering if you should take the plunge and watch it yourselves? Pull up a chair and listen to a story.

What’s it all about?

Iron Sky is a dark comedy with a sci-fi substrate.  The premise is absolutely ridiculous and that is absolutely awesome.  There have been Nazis as clones. Nazis as zombies. Nazis as close personal advisers to the President of the United States of America. So, why not Nazis on the moon?!  The movie is tongue in cheek throughout although it gets a bit preachy at the end. That was unnecessary since it doesn’t fit the general outrageous atmosphere of the movie.

Iron Sky Movie, Nazi Stormtroopers

The Plot Synopsis

The year is 2018 and Sarah Palin is president. President Miss Diva spends a lot of time on her treadmill in the Oval Office barking out orders to her psychotic re-election campaign manager. Meanwhile, there are Nazis on the dark side of the moon (that’s an awesome phrase, huh?  We think the next time a co-worker says something like “OK, we’re taking care of [xyz customer]’s concerns and should be wrapped up tomorrow,” we will respond “Meanwhile, there are Nazis on the dark side of the moon.” Ah, we crack ourselves up) . They got there somehow (it isn’t explained) and have erected a massive fort where they are raising a generation of Fourth Reich warriors to invade Earth and Aryan-ize the planet. The residents of Earth don’t know this when President Soccer Mom uses an unnecessary moon landing as  re-election PR gimmick. One of the austronauts, a black man who’s actually a model and is only there to make the whole thing look good, gets captured and is hauled off to the lab so the Nazis can learn about the current state of affairs on Planet Earth. Since no one in the younger generations has ever seen a black man, they assume there must be something wrong with him so a clichéd eccentric old scientist Aryan-izes him by whitening his skin, converting his eyes to blue, straightening his hair, and coloring it blond.

Sarah Palin, Iron Sky Movie

Yes, She Can!

So, the adventure is afoot as the Nazi leadership, in the midst of an internal power struggle, prepares to launch a massive attack on the Earth. They do so by sending enormous space zeppelins to release meteors to rain down on Earth as bombs. They also engage Earth fighter jets in air-to-air combat with their UFO-like aircraft. On a side note, retro-futurism (like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in film, and like Terminal City and other books by Dean Motter in comic form) is always a joy and there is plenty of it here as the film’s creators imagine what an isolated population of Nazis do with their technology while removed from the rest of the Earth’s populace.   Anyway, the battle wages on and President Sarah takes advantage of it because she knows a “war president” has a really good shot at re-election. We won’t get into the details about the dynamic between the New Führer and the psychotic campaign manager and how that leads to a retaliatory strike on the moon, but suffice it to say it happens.

Sarah Palin and Vivian Wagner characters in Iron Sky Movie

As we said, the film ends on a somber note. That must be a European convention. Funny movies can’t just be funny through and through for you Old Country-ers, can they? What the hell is it with you Europeans and your whole “make peace not war” thing? We Americans have learned how to embrace the entertainment value of pain, suffering, mayhem, and destruction. As for the music, the closing song by Laibach is a nice touch. Kind of reminds us of the type of song you’d hear at the end of a Bond movie. We didn’t pay much attention to the score during the rest of the film but it gets generally positive reviews from critics, so it must be good or something.

Iron Sky movie, the moon partially destroyed

How is this going to affect gravitational pull and therefore tides and werewolves?

The nut of it is, we recommend watching Iron Sky even if it is just to support small films like these. Maybe this one was only passable (and we think it deserves more credit than that), but there are other fantastic films begging to be made if they can just get public support.

Nazi Fortress on the moon

The Sci-Fi of Iron Sky

Yes, you need to get past things like the inconsistent science of air and vacuums, noise in space, moon vs. Earth gravity, African-American astronauts, how the hell the Nazis got there to begin with …. etc. Some movies take their sci-fi too seriously and these types of conundrums make them unwatchable. Iron Sky doesn’t bother focusing on the science at all, nor should it.

Nazi warship from Iron Sky

Surprisingly, the Götterdämmerung gets about 20 mpg city / 28 mpg space. Kudos to the Nazis and their efforts in sustainable energy management. Now if they just get that pesky human rights thing under control …

Production details: Iron Sky is an Australian-Finnish-German joint venture shot mostly in English. What makes the production of this type of film remarkable is that it was partially crowd-funded. Crowd-funding is when part of a film is built by pre-selling merchandise and taking donations.

Budget: An astonishingly low US$8 million (before final marketing).

Income: An astonishingly low US$8 million (before residuals). It’s tough for small films like this to get visibility. With a larger marketing budget, this film would have ended up with viral cult status probably.

Götterdämmerung from Iron Sky movie

The “R” rating may have hurt it. The only thing we can think of that justified it was the much maligned “F” word. The film would have had a much better draw at PG-13. Even though teenagers (especially in America) are far enough removed from the WWII period (holy hell, it’s been almost 70 years since it ended), the goof-ballsy story would have made for some late night cinema fun for anyone.

Zeppelins in Iron Sky

Oh, the humanity!

The Good: The CGI and special effects are surprisingly good. It’s nice that movies don’t need a ridiculous budget anymore to produce impressive effects. And beyond that, the whole concept is simply crazy funny.

The Bad: The acting and directing was so choppy it was hard to get into the moments of dialogue. Some of the scripting was awful too. It’s clear this is a relatively amateur venture. It was also much more formulaic than necessary. It wouldn’t have taken much to throw in a few plot twists that wouldn’t have cost much either.

The Ugly: Dammit! This could have been so much more. It’s too bad it didn’t catch the eye of Guillermo del Toro. He could have added some depth to the evil intentions of the Fourth Reich. As it is, this is a very shallow film. Fun, but even less substance than it should have had.

WWII parody in Iron Sky movie

Getcher war bonds, heya! Support the troops!


Timo Vuorensola, writer and director of Iron Sky

Timo Vuorensola, writer and director of Iron Sky.

Timo Vuorensola: We didn’t even know Finland had cinema. In fact, we didn’t even really believe Finland existed until we saw concert footage of some air guitar competition followed up by a long tourism advert proclaiming that Finland really did exist. Anyway, it’s easy to tell that this is one of Timo’s first ventures. The film could have used some help pretty much across the board, but our view is that it was actually not a bad start for a first feature film. And, to his defense, a budget of about US$8 million for a sci-fi war thriller doesn’t give a guy much room to explore.

Julia Dietze, the German actress

Julia Dietze: She plays a second generation moon Nazi. The character is misguided and is ultimately a good person. We’ve never seen Julia before. She’s a French-born German. She looks good in a conveniently placed underwear scene and in a low cut blouse, corset, and high cut skirt. Who said Nazis aren’t sexy? Hopefully, Julia is a better actress than this film demonstrated.

Julia Dietze in Iron Sky

Christopher Kirby, Actor

Christopher Kirby: His character is caught up in the middle of it all. He gives the Nazis fits. Christopher’s other credits include Mauser from the Matrix movies. Also, he has backup roles in Star Wars III and Daybreakers. He’s an American actor living in Australia. The fact that he was converted into an Aryan is racist at one level, but actually pretty funny if you think about it. Oh, what we wouldn’t give to get a look at Hitler’s, Himmler’s, Eichmann’s and all the other pig shitters’ faces if they could see Jonathan in white face!

James Washington, Black Nazi Christopher Jones, actor in Matrix and Star Wars

Christopher Kirby

Gotz Otto, Actor

Götz Otto: He plays the ambitious Nazi leader who fancies himself the next leader of the Fourth Reich. It seems like his name is backwards, huh? Gotz is a German actor. His performance is OK. The character Herr Klaus Adler has a pretty long title: Der Schutzstaffel Obergruppenführer von Schweinehund. By the way, did you recognize him as Herr Stamper from one of our least favorite James Bond movies? That’s right, he was the tall blond muscle-bound baddie in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Götz Otto, actor

Götz Otto as Stamper in Tomorrow Never Dies

Udo Kier: Udo plays the Heir to the Herr. The moon’s resident Führer. Did you recognize him as the artsy-fartsy dude from Ace Ventura? Yes, of course he is a seasoned veteran of a ton of movies and TV shows, but that one just stood out to us. Udo’s is a small role. He is a bit foppish for a Nazi. Wait, actually Himmler and Göering were self-possessed and fastidious dandies, so maybe Udo is spot on.

Udo Kier in Iron Sky

Peta Sergeant, actress

Peta Sergeant: Yikes. Her character, Vivian Wagner, is a Bitch in Leather. Having said that, Vivian can spank us anytime. Peta’s an Australian hottie. Good gravy, her acting was so hammy. But, we enjoyed her corset ever so much. Peta has done a ton of TV work yet we haven’t seen any of it. She looks so familiar but we can’t quite put our finger on why …

The epitome of bitch

Stephanie Paul

Stephanie Paul: Plays Sarah Palin. Pulls it off OK in the looks department and it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have her mannerisms since her character is just a caricature anyway. But hey, the essential question is “How the hell did Palin get in the White House?”  That would be an interesting sidebar to explore.  We can’t find anything about Stephanie, so we’ll make it up. She’s 6’2″ tall, ambidextrous, and double jointed. She has a rare mynx hybrid cat called Bootsies. Stephanie graduated with a degree in philosophy. Statuesque and gorgeous (this part isn’t made up).

Stephanie Paul as Sarah Palin

Tilo Prückner, actor

Tilo Prückner: Mad scientist Doktor Richter is more befuddled than evil. He is the father of the history-misinformed Nazi ingénue palyed by Julia Dietze. There’s not much about Tilo online, so again, we make it up, yes? Tilo was born with hoofs instead of feet. Really. Like full blown hoofs. Also, his family was the last one to escape East Germany before the Wall came down. Kinda anticlimactic, that.

Tilo Pruckner, actor

So, here’s the breakdown:

  • Directing: 2 out of 5
  • Acting: 2 out of 5
  • Effects: 4+ish out of 5 (given the budget)
  • Story: 2 out of 5
  • Concept: 5 out of 5
  • TOTAL: 3 out of 5

Here’s the official trailer:

And here’s the music video to the Laibach’s “Under the Iron Sky”

Well. There’s always the possibility of a Fifth Reich, right? Oh, let’s hope not. So, Heil Nobody in Particular!

In parting, here are some posters.

Iron Sky Movie Poster

Iron Sky poster aircraft

Iron Sky the Evil has Landed Poster

It’s a Family Guy Nazi-fest!

Family Guy Satire

Archie Comics, political humor

Now THAT’s an election debate we could all get into!

We love Fox News because it provides so much fuel for our satire. We were planning to write a post about any number of Draconian points on which the ill-informed conservative crowd stand, but we grew weary with all the seriousness.

Last night, we watched the Family Guy  “German Guy” episode and thought it might be a nice gesture to mock both the Nazis and the pundits of Fox News at the same time.  Since calling a political figure a Nazi is a seriously harsh insult (unless the individual actually self-identifies as a fascist), we figured we ought to go with exactly that. It’s unlikely that the conservative columnists and celebrities are actually Nazis but the possibility still exists and it makes for convenient satire.

The scene where Chris goes into Lt.  Franz Schlechtnacht’s Nazi shrine room created a nice backdrop for this post. We scoured the web for images of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheny, and Mel Gibson since they had all been animated for the show in previous episodes and we felt they were deserving of our criticism. So, here you go.

Family Guy, Nazi Satire

Sponsored with gusto by Fox News.

Can’t get enough poking fun at Nazis? Give our Hogan’s Heroes post a shot.


NOTE to our conservative readers: You are welcome to attack the clearly cynical nature of this post but keep in mind that this blog is mostly about humor so if you can’t take an incendiary joke, go read this instead.

Amercans love studing! Are educaton is best in the wolrd!

Song of the South Disney Movie

Confederate American Flag

Long Live the King.

U.S. students may be falling behind academically compared to their peers in other countries, but no one will ever touch our awesome funniness. Think about it. Besides Jackie Chan, did you ever meet someone hilarious from China? Indians are funny, but not on purpose. Packistanis are terrifying. The Japanese are just flat out weird. Koreans have got other issues to worry about. Filipinos can be funny on occasion, but a lot of their humor is cancelled out by their obsession with ladyboys. The Myanmarians (dammit, they want to be Burmese again) aren’t allowed to laugh. The Vietnamese love us long time but resent it. The Cambodians don’t have much to laugh about. The Thais smile all the time, but are too reserved to get into it.

Protest signs

Oh, those college students are such meddling rascals! How are the Tea Party teabaggers supposed to have anyone take them seriously if liberal students don’t behave? Although, hmm. These signs have a point… So, man the battle-stations, we’re heading West to meet the East in a war of the wits!

WE LOVE POP QUIZZES. Here’s one to test your prediction prowess.

In the future:

1) Texas will become an independent Republic permanently.

2) The South shall rise again but will quickly complain of back pain and sit back down.

3) America will grow a pair and take over Canada to get at its oil.

4) The Constitution will be required reading and will be debated (as it should be) in high school until middle class, middle Americans deem it unnatural and ungodly.

5) Rednecks will slowly realize they have been duped by the “haves.”

6) Comics A-Go-Go! will become the #1 website in France, which will prove that the French aren’t entirely classless.

Correct answers:
1) No; The United States will sell Texas to Mexico
2) Yes; Obesity is a bitch
3) No; the invasion will start, but as soon as winter sets in, that will be the end of that. Brr.
4) Yes; it’s like when mass was no longer held in Latin — have you seen how empty the pews are on Sunday?
5) No; delusion is a bitch.
6) Yes; but we won’t get recognition until we change our name to

How did you do?

6 correct answers: You listen to NPR!
4-5 correct answers: You listen to MSNBC!
2-3 correct answers: You listen to ESPN!
1 correct answer: You listen to FOX News!
0 correct answers: You are a Soccer Mom!
You didn’t take the test: You are an American male with a goatee!
You want to destroy Comics A-Go-Go!: You are Anonymous and you frighten us.

Besides the Asians, there are very few pockets of academic bright lights on other continents. On the other side of the world, the Brazilians are a festive bunch but their focus on education isn’t as strong as their focus on economic growth. Besides, they are too busy with beautiful beaches and babes’ buns to work on clever humor. So, back again to the Eastern Hemisphere — the Russians think they’re funny but everyone outside of Russia just gets depressed when they hear a Russian “joke.” Same goes for most of Eastern Europe (although the Poles are surprisingly funny in spite of the terrible “How many Polacks …” jokes). Even though Africans as a whole can be hilarious (so long as they aren’t slaughtering themselves or running 419 scams), there are no educational juggernauts on the subcontinent. Israelis are funny but only to themselves. No one in the Arab world has a sense of humor. The Finns, Dutch, English, Canadians, Australians, and bunches of other people of varying nationalities may have better educational systems but they aren’t a threat to the U.S. in the humor department (although, we will give it to the English (and maybe the Scots and Irish), that when they’re on, it’s actually pretty stellar).

Rick Perry, Homeschoolers

Wow. Just … just, wow.

So, yet again, Americans reign supreme. Suck it, the rest of you planetarians! So, when the Chinese and Indians run the world, they will still turn to the United States for our mind-numbing entertainment. We will hurry up and finish our shifts at Walmart and McDonald’s to run home and share the frivolity with them.

Boy, the sarcasm of this post has actually made us quite sad. Yes, Americans actually can be very funny, but, speaking for our fellow countrymen, we would trade a bunch of our best jokes for a community that relishes education like so many other appreciative hominids in other lands.

So, before we get too depressed, let’s take a couple of minutes with some American humor that is at least clever. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!


And, here’s one for the road. Sarah Palin may have been the hottest VP candidate in history. Who the hell cares that she’s empty-headed and dangerous? She gets a ton of credit with Comics A-Go-Go! for showing up at her graduation naked.

Sarah Palin

Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin Catwoman Cosplay

Have you missed us? Yeah, us neither. But we’re back anyway. Been busy and all that what-not.

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney

The political stew is getting increasingly bubbly and is ready to boil over. With big elections coming up, especially because we’re in a presidential election year, we will be inundated with platforms and positions and posturing and pundits and platitudes and periwinkle pantsuits. We will hear talk of issues ranging far and wide from the vast array of parties that have real impact on our country’s future. Who can choose between so many different options under consideration on the most important issues facing our nation. What a shame that we simply don’t have two to choose from. If only we had just two political parties with any real influence. If only most issues could be boiled down to “for” and “against.” Ah, if only …

Catwoman CosplayAnyway, having just gotten back from Comic-Con just a few weeks ago, all this politicking reminded us that we forgot to post some additional cosplay chicanery. Ann Coulter showed up on Sunday to do a little glad-handing, baby-kissing (read: blood-sucking), and stumping for Rick Perry whom she is hoping will jump back into the race and take on milquetoast Mitt Romney. Ann’s got the pulse of average Comic-Con attendee well in hand. She showed up as Catwoman to ensure she would get their attention. Sarah Palin had also shown up to do the same. There was an inevitable encounter and a cat-fight broke out (heh, heh, you like that?). Any guess as to who won?  We sure do wish we had it on video, but all we managed to capture was the moment before Sarah attacked Ann. Here you go.

Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, Catwoman Cosplay, Comic-Con

To make sure things were fair and balanced, President Obama quickly rushed his own representative to San Diego. None of the interns were willing to don a sexy outfit and Hillary Clinton was the only one to throw her hat in the ring, so, reluctantly, the Commander-in-Chief sent his envoy to the greatest show on earth. Ol’ Hills chose to come as Harley Quinn. Not exactly a success.

Harley Quinn, Hillary Clinton Cosplay, Comic-Con

Barak and Sarah sitting in a tree

We don’t remember where we found this picture originally and it’s probably pretty dated by now given that Sarah Palin is yesterday’s news, but the picture is just so well done we have to share it. Wow! Sarah’s got a nice set of gams.*

Dancing with the Stars

* gam, n

(gams, plural)

A leg, esp. in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg. slang

There. You learned a new word today. Compliments of Comics A-Go-Go! And if you already know what “gam” means, then explain the etymology, know it all. And if you know the etymology … well, just enjoy the damn picture.