Lena Headey as Natasha Romanova the Black Widow, perhaps?

We forgot to include this picture in our previous post on Lena Headey. Here’s a rare moment of levity. ‘Cuz she’s so buttoned down. Rock on, ya rebel!

Lena Headey, actress

You know, it occurs to us that Lena might make a good Black Widow. She has the face and sleak body for it.  She could pass for a cinematic Russian femme fatale — far more than Scarlett Johansson did, despite her Belarusian ancestry — not just because of her looks but because she exudes a sense of experience and world weariness that we think the Marvel character carries with her.

Well, what do you know? As we did a little reading while writing this post, we discovered that Lena already had a turn at the Black Widow wheel. Apparently, she voiced Natasha Romanova (or Natasha Romanoff if you prefer) in the goofball  Marvel TV series Super Hero Squad Show.  So, see?  We’re already part of the way there. Lena has the voice, she has the face, she has the body, she has the moves — she just needs the uniform and a bit of motivation.

Now, if we can just find a good Daredevil, we’ve got a story in the making …

Black Widow, Marvel Comics character