San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Cosplayers

Been a while since my last post.  But, I just got from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and had a bunch of pictures, so I figure I might as well put them out here, starting with a gallery of cosplayers.

For those of you unfamiliar with cosplay, it’s the creation and wearing of costumes that represent popular culture figures primarily out of Japanese anime and American superhero genres. But it doesn’t have to stop there. A lot of costumes reflect characters from around the world in comics, TV, movies, and other. In fact, there’s no limiting the type of costumes cosplayers create other than one’s imagination.

The San Diego Comic-Con has hundreds of attendees that show up in a wide variety of costumes. These cosplayers range from showcasing common popular costumes (such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Star Wars stormtroopers) to self-created costumes. My favorites are the humorous ones, particularly the “mash-ups” (i.e., the combination of characters to create a unique and funny new character, such as Zombie Slave Leia).

Most cosplayers make their own costumes. Some are exceptionally talented both artistically and technically. Comic-Con holds a masquerade every year where cosplayers are able to showcase their creations for prizes. The Masquerade itself is pretty awkward since the cosplayers often act out skits related to their characters. The skits are usually clunky and unnecessary, unfortunately. But the better costumes are incredible and it’s nice to see the creators get a chance to show them off.

Anyway, if you get a chance to go to a comic convention or similar pop culture event, watch for the cosplayers. Some of the best cosplayers are walking down the aisles posing periodically for admiring fans.



Guardians of the Galaxy Comic-Con Poster

Guardians of the Galaxy movie logo

I snagged a Guardians of the Galaxy mini-poster at the Marvel stage/booth during SDCC 2013. Sadly, it got a bit creased here and there during the scuffle. Damn greedy fan boys pushing me around to grab shit and making it hard for me to do my own pushing and grabbing.

The poster is an exclusive promo from the Comic-Con and shows concept art by somebody or something named “Wen” for the upcoming 2014 release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Anyway, it’s a slick one, so I scanned it and here you go. Yes, you can find the image elsewhere, but not as big as my scan. So suck it up and enjoy.

Guardians of the Galaxy SDCC Exclusive poster

Here’s the poster as a line-up in a really big image.

Guardians of the Galaxy character line-up

150 Sexy Cosplayers from Comic-Con 2013

Vegas PG Sexy Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Vegas PG is one of the sexiest cosplayers I’ve ever seen. She’s a pro, so you’ll see her around the Con and the Internet a lot.

It’s time for another cosplay post, I guess. I took over 2,000 pictures at Comic-Con. Seriously. Ridiculous. Of those almost half were cosplayers and exhibitors. Out of that bunch I had about 300 pictures of cosplay girls in various states of come-hither-ness. So, since risque imagery is apparently one of the biggest draws for people in my hobby, I’ll oblige your desire for titillating pictures (and my thirst for page views) by posting what I figure could be deemed “sexy” in one form or other.

I’m not sure if all of these ladies would consider themselves sexy, but I think that anyone who dons spandex and shows some cleavage is probably sending a message. Regardless, what I really wanted was to put together a big ol’ gallery of hot cosplayers so I fudged the parameters. For your viewing pleasure, here are 150 unique cosplayers (or cosplayers in unique costumes, anyway). I do have duplicates of the same girls but I still ended up with 150 distinct cosplayers. Or thereabouts. I got lazy with my counting. Anyway, why the hell are you still reading? There are sexy cosplayers below, damn it!

Well, if you are still reading, here’s a funny story: The babe to the right goes under the moniker “Vegas PG.” However, when I saw her at the DC booth during Comic-Con I asked her if she was named “Belle” (you know, BelleChere). She could have been a bitch about it but she told me who she was and encouraged me to “Like” her on Facebook. I wonder if I’m the only one that gets confused about who she is. What the hell do I know?! She and Belle are both voluptuous hotties. Whatever.

Incidentally, now that I’m paying attention, I realized she is one of the Power Girls in my Power Girl infographic. For the love of Pete, the woman is a marvel. Ha! Clever. Get it? No? I’m stupid? Yes? OK, if you’re still reading now, something’s wrong with you.

Hey, in case you didn’t know it, when you click on a picture, scroll down to the bottom right. There’s a link to click “View Full Size.” And there you go.

Leave comments. I’m curious to know who tickles your fancy the most.

Update 7/30/2013: An anonymous commenter pointed out that the “Tron” cosplayer is not from Tron and that I had “Thor” mis-tagged, but didn’t give me instruction on who they are. The “extremely popular franchise” comment doesn’t give me the answers. I can’t tag them if I don’t have a reference point. Can anyone help? They are the first two cosplayers in the gallery.

Update again: OK, a Pinterest visitor told me that the girl with the silver outfit is actually a Mass Effect cosplayer. I would have known that if I played video games. But I don’t. I need sunlight every once a while.

Update 7/31/2013: The anonymous commenter returned and corrected me. The girl I originally tagged as Thor is Hawkgirl. Yeah, I wondered about that but I don’t remember seeing wings (and yet there they are) and the colors didn’t seem right. But, makes sense. To be transparent, I am very selective about what I read and don’t care for most of DCs superheroes, so I’m admittedly ignorant on a lot of the characters. Sorry! Thanks Someone for helping out. If I have any others mistagged, cosplayers please correct me again. Cheers!

Sexy Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Wait! There’s more!

This sequence is doubly hilarious because it’s unintentional. I was waiting in the Summit booth to get some goofy pictures taken and the Wonder Woman cosplayer was taking a long time. After a while, I figured I might as well snap a picture of her backside. The dude in the Jack-in-the-Box costume was standing in the general area so I snapped a couple of pictures of him too. The images make it look like he’s getting all excited about the Wonder Woman cosplayer and giving me thumbs up about getting a good view of her ass. But he was giving thumbs up like “Hey, yeah, I’m the Jack-in-the-Box guy!” I don’t even think he knew Wonder Woman was behind him. Ha! Anyway, after that I asked the sexy cosplayer if I could get her picture from the front side. She’s up in the gallery above.

Wonder Woman's Ass Wonder Woman Sexy Humor Wonder Woman Humor

Here are my favorites

My favorite costume is this Mass Effect girl.

Mass Effect Cosplayer, Sexy Babe of the Day

My vote for the sexiest cosplayers are these mermaids. And I don’t even like mermaids. So, hot damn.

Sexy Mermaid Cosplayers

And here’s your bonus. I took a picture of Ms. Golden Ass or whatever her stage name is when I passed by the Broadsword booth. Later, I saw her as I was leaving the exhibit hall but the crowd was thick and she was too far away to ask her to stop for another picture. So, I did the sensible thing. I put my camera on zoom, waited a moment for a break in the crowd, and took a picture of her rumpus. Ain’t I a rascal?

Big Ass with fishnets

Comic-Con Countdown

San Diego Comic Con 2013I’m getting ready to wrap things up at work and head out  with some friends to the Comic-Con. We’re driving to San Diego so there will be time to read over the program guide and plan for the events.

I love the Comic-Con. As I’ve said in previous posts, it’s a great place to get my head cleared from the doldrums and just enjoy a small period of pure entertainment.

I love that it has grown from a comic book hobbyist show to a pop culture event that showcases anything that might be related to entertainment. I was talking to a friend about how much things have changed since we were first attending the Con back in the 1990s. I think if it wasn’t for the forward-thinking minds of the folks that run the show to involve movie and TV studios, RPG and the like, publishing houses, toy manufacturers, art forms of all persuasions, and a variety of crazy things you won’t see elsewhere, the event would probably would have lost traction just as interest in traditional comic book reading and collecting of recent or near recent stuff has waned. I bash Rob Liefeld a lot, but it’s actually people like him that probably helped fuse the various mediums to make the whole experience more diverse. I may not like everything that’s come with the ride, but in all, it’s been a good thing I think.

I love the cosplayers (where else can you dress up as Lando or Leia or Spongebob or Catwoman or Thor’s Hammer or whatever and not get made fun of?). Over the years, the costumes have gotten more elaborate and creative. I’m planning on taking a ton of pictures this year since the ones from last year were so popular.

And while we’re there, we’re going snorkeling at La Jolla. Bonus!

We’d love to see you there.  Take our poll and leave comments if you’d like.