Movie Review by Jordan: The Dark Knight Rises


We asked Jordan to do another review for us. Jordan is a seventeen-year-old high school student that, like many of his peers, looks forward to blockbuster action films every summer. This year, The Dark Knight Rises is one of his favorites. Here’s his take on things.

Movie ReviewsIn the movie, Batman becomes the greatest hero he could possibly be and he does just like the title says. He rises.  In my opinion and in many others opinions this is the greatest Batman ever and its because of Bane.  Bane (Tom Hardy) is a criminal mastermind with the idea of anarchy but he knows how simple anarchy can be, if Bane wanted to set the world on fire he could.  If he wanted to end it he could.  He is more powerful than any previous villain and he doesn’t run from Batman because Batman doesn’t stand a chance on winning a fight with him Bane is a  wall of pure muscle and none of it slows him down.

The Dark Knight RisesBane is the greatest part of the movie but there are several others that make it even more amazing.  Catwoman is one of them.  Catwoman is a hot, heartless, high class thief that gets whatever she wants and will deceive anyone to get it.  But the thing that makes The Dark Knight Rises the best is like I said he does indeed rise.  By that I mean he becomes a true superhero there is no more Bruce Wayne.  Batman knows what he needs to do to save Gotham and he is willing to sacrifice his life, all of his power, and all of his money if he has to.  Batman no longer makes mistakes. He is fully matured and throws his life at Bane hoping to stop him in order to save Gotham.

Anne Hathaway

Take it from him. The Dark Knight is a fantastic wrap-up to an immensely powerful trilogy from Christopher Nolan. We shall miss your hand at the rudder, Chris, but look forward to your next treasure. We’re not big Superman fans, but Chris hasn’t failed us yet. Subject matter aside, Chris puts out quality movie making every time.  One final note from Jordan: TDKR is his second favorite of the series. The Dark Knight still reigns supreme.

Thanks again, Jordan. We look forward to your next review.


It’s no riddle why Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t in The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Villain

Look. There are lots of worthy villains in the DC universe to counterbalance the heroes. Lex Luther. Darkseid. Sinestro. Doomsday. General Zod. Braniac. Catwoman. Circe. Black Adam. Batman has some of the best. R’as al-Ghul. Two Face. Scarecrow. Mr. Freeze. Poison Ivy. The best of them all – The Joker. And of course, there are a bunch more. But not all of them are big enough to go mano-a-mano in a big budget feature film. So, when we found out that The Riddler was a potential candidate for the primary villain in the last film in the Christopher Nolan story arc, we were disappointed. The Riddler? He’s kind of a zany character and often a thug, but he pales in comparison to The Joker. He’s smart, but then so is R’as al Ghul and R’as is a more sinister villain. True, Nolan does quite a bit of good stuff with the material he’s given but after The Dark Knight, he had to go with someone really different to one-up that masterpiece. There was no way The Riddler was going to give The Dark Knight Rises the oomph it needed to end the series brilliantly.

DC Comics

We’re sure a lot of our bias is based on the impish portrayal or Eddie Nigma in the campy 1960s series as well as the ridiculous buffoonery of Batman Forever. But, the Joker came through with flying colors in The Dark Knight after the goofiness of the Caesar Romero and the odd Jack Nicholson versions. In fact, The Joker is a versatile enough character it’s hard to go wrong with him. But The Riddler just isn’t a strong enough villain and Christopher would really have struggled to make him a truly full-on foe.

The Riddler character

Batman MovieSo, when the studios pushed for Riddler, it’s fortunate that more reasonable minds prevailed (what is it with studio bosses? no wonder bombs exist – those guys are a special kind of dangerous idiotry). Having said that, we are at least curious about the “what if?” since Leonardo DiCaprio would have been running the villainous side of the good guy/bad guy conflict. But, while a superb actor, we just don’t see him as the annoying jerk that The Riddler is.

Well, anyway, we all dodged a bullet. See more details at Yahoo Movies.

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The Riddler

The first appearance of The Riddler – Detective Comics #140 (1948).

The Dark Night Rises

A dark forest at night, misty and beautifulYeah, this was kind of snotty of us, huh? If you were expecting something about the upcoming Batman movie, sorry to disappoint. We have plenty of other Batman: The Dark Knight Rises posts to fix that yen.

This is one of our favorite pictures. Everything is good about it. Misty. Eerie forest (oh, how we love trees! We must be part Ent). Mysterious lighting. Anyway, we enjoy looking at it every now and then.

Dark Knight Rises Secret Poster (Catwoman stiletto boot)

The Dark Knight Movie

Just 53 days until the release of The Dark Knight Rises. That means 44 days to a big disappointment. We’ll miss this year’s Comic Con (again, damn it), so we’re planning to wear our Occupy SDCC T-Shirt in protest. We’re the 99%. You who have tickets are the 1%. We don’t like you.


Drones, UNITE!

Anyway, Warner Bros. has cleverly released the image of a hard-to-find poster for The Dark Knight Rises. The poster shows Catwoman’s sexy (and thoroughly impractical) stiletto boot standing on a Batman batarang. Speaking of these throwing weapons, we’re not sure we’d like to have said objects return our way. They look terribly sharp. Probably best as shuriken. Stay in his forehead, you li’l rascal.

So, enjoy a high res view of the new poster. All of you except the Comic Con attendees. You can go here instead … grrr.


Click for big size

New Dark Knight Trailer #3

Batman Movie

The much anticipated final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is one step closure with the release of a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. This one gives us more of a taste of Bane. Listen to his voice at about the 1:00 minute mark. Not what we expected. Tom Hardy has made Bane sound like a James Bond villain, thinks us. No criticism. Just interesting.


No, Mr. Wayne. I expect you to die!

Anne Hathaway

More Lee Merriweather than Julie Newmar. We like Lee. We like Julie more. Anne, don’t suck please.

One thing we’re still skeptical about though is if Anne Hathaway can pull off Catwoman. We’ve talked before about odd casting. It’s fairly common that a movie character really doesn’t resemble the comic book character in persona as well as image. Occasionally it works. Heath Ledger as the Joker is the best example of a movie character that is very dissimilar to the comic book character and yet just as good. Same for Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. But more often than not, we find ourselves disappointed. Jennifer Garner as Elektra? That’s like Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Neither actress is Greek and neither are convincing as the tough as nails women they portray. So anyway, we would never have thought about Anne Hathaway as physically agile and strong, manipulative and dangerous, and damnably unconquerable — all traits that Catwoman possesses. Anne just seems too nice and housebroken for the role. But, Christopher Nolan is at the helm and he and his team have been quite good at getting the best people and getting the best out of them.

So, enough with the writing and stuff. Here’s the trailer…